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Day 27....Scams, tension, drama, STRESS! STRESS! STRESS!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Woke up this morning to school for a change; two whole days in a row (a mom could actually accomplish something!) only I had a child with hives and a child with a tummy ache so bad he laid on the bathroom floor most of the morning afraid he would throw up. Not how I intended to spend my day. My nephew showed up unannounced late this morning because his wife is in the hospital and kept their only cell phone and since they don't have a home phone he can't reach her except to come to my house to use my phone. I called her and found out to my surprise and his that they were releasing her from the hospital today (she just had a gastric sleeve surgery yesterday morning at 9:30 am). Then I had to loan him some money since he was broke (as usual) and keep her debit card here so he wouldn't go use it and deplete their checking account as she got direct deposit today and he can't be trusted with money (hence why he is always broke). I offered to go with him as he does not know his way thru the city she was in the hospital in but he said he could find it. So, I loaned him our emergency cell phone, wrote him out directions and gave him $10 to get something to eat (I fed him yesterday and gave him $20 for gas).
Shortly after that I was on face book (my guilty pleasure that I spend WAY too much time on) and saw something odd in my news feed. It was a rude response by my daughter to someone...I click on it only to find out that my father responded rudely on a post of hers...this is typical behavior for him. He makes jerky comments on my mothers posts, on my posts, and now on my 14 yr old daughters posts. His comment today was really stupid and of course since she already told him off for a comment on one of my self-portraits last week he should have realized he'd get a nasty response from her for this. Sure enough she didn't fail and then I am stuck I step in and say something here? Or do I let it go? I do not have a good relationship with this man, I have not since I was a small child, he was an abusive man, he beat and assaulted my mother when I was a child and I witnessed too much of this. He got so drunk once he hit on my sister (his biological daughter!) and on another occasion he tried to kick her in the head but was so drunk he fell down instead. I am very protective of my sister and my mother and I do not get along with this man. In the past 9 years I can count on one hand how many times we have even been in the same room. My oldest daughter thinks of him as her grandpa but my younger children really do not know him at all. I am saddened by this but I am also thankful.
So on top of all of that my cell phone rings and I don't recognize it so I didn't answer the call, then the house phone rings and it's the same number, knowing my niece is in the hospital I answered the unknown #...bad idea. It was a man claiming that I have committed fraud by taking out a payday loan and then closing my checking account. This guy had my address, obviously both my phone numbers, my social sec #, my birthday, and knew the bank my husband and I banked at before we moved 2 years ago. I started freaking out, he's telling me I am being sued, I will be garnished and liens will be put on my home, my car, and my drivers license! Okay, at this point i'm like what? They don't do that, I am familiar with the law enough to know this guy is now full of it. So I started asking for more information, like the name of this supposed company and the exact dates, amounts, and demanded information in writing. Suddenly he is yelling at me and I told him to stop yelling at me which caused him to yell more. So I hung up on him. Then I started to do a little research. This is a full on MAJOR scam going around. People are stealing your identity and demanding money with the claim that if you pay this much they will not sue you for thousands more and you will face fraud charges.

Then on top of all of that stressful nonsense I get a check in the mail for $100 today from my father with the note in the memo section; Five mouths to feed...what the heck? He hasn't spoken to me or even tried to. Has not apologized for his crappy comments, has not said he was sending money, has not said anything in fact. Just sent me a check because what? I can't afford to feed my kids? There are SEVEN people in my family, not just five and my husband makes enough money that we are far from starving over here. I am appalled!

So, what would you do with his check? Mail it back to him? Cut it up and mail it back? Cash it and say to heck with him it's free money? My kids all have various opinions of course....I don't know what to do. I just want him to stop being a jerk and honestly I don't even want him in my life...I certainly don't want him to think he can be a jerk on face book and buy apologies. I am NOT for sale!
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    I would send him back the check without a note or response at all. Sounds like he is trying to pay his way back into your life or to get some kind of response from you. I wouldn't play into his game and give him control. From the sounds of what you wrote about him, you haven't needed any help from him all these years so why now. Good luck.
    1876 days ago
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