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What a difference a word makes.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

We all know how presentation can turn something boring or mediocre into something wonderful or worthwhile. Sometimes I'll buy a bag of the grilled chicken dinner from our supermarket's deli. On at least one occasion I handed over the bag at home to my husband and dashed out the door to do something else. Later that night he complained that I didn't give him dinner. I was a little confused because it was all there: pieces of grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, cole slaw, and sweet rolls. Whaddaya mean I didn't give you dinner? What I determined is that when I arrange food on a plate and set it down in front of my man at the table I am serving a meal, but when I hand him a bag of the exact same food and run off he will not register this food as his dinner because the presentation was all wrong.

So it is with delight that I share the following differences in presentation.

To me the word DIET is the ultimate four letter word. "Diet" conjures up thoughts of deprivation, hunger, crankiness, and a desire to eat things that I might not ever want to eat, but I want now because I am on a diet. Instead I am EATING HEALTHIER. Eating healthier is a fun game I play with myself. Ohhh, let's see how many healthy foods I can eat today! I eat healthy with optimism, knowing that I can have whatever I want as long as I really want it. Taking the position that I am eating healthier automatically prompts me to make better food choices. You've got to love that presentation!

CALORIE COUNTING is a drag and so is following a DIET PLAN. Oh my goodness, you mean I have to figure out and count every bite that I eat? You mean I can only eat the foods from page 3 in this diet book today? I am way too busy to account for every bite and I hate pickled beets. Why, God? WHY?! I am sooooo much better off just tracking my food in the SparkPeople Nutrition Tracker. It is SO much easier to track food than it is to count calories. You just type in the food you ate and bingo, there it is in your tracker. Plus, if you know what you are going to be eating the rest of the day (more or less) you can go right ahead and track that before you eat it. It just makes sense to track food ahead of time when you can because then you know you are really making those healthier choices.

And finally, I don't EXERCISE. I go to the gym and I work out or I go for a speed walk or I go for a bike ride. I think exercise is what Jack LaLane did with bored housewives back in the 60's. I mean it was fine for the times but now, eh. Plus when you go to the gym you get to wear really cool gym clothes and athletic shoes. Seriously, isn't a speed walk with an Ipod or a 10 mile bike ride around the Art Museum loop just so much more fun than exercise?

Thanks for reading, I hope you agree with me about presentation. Now I'm off to prepare that snack that I put in my tracker earlier today. I'm having a parfait! You can make one too because it is so easy. Layer some light&fit yogurt in a cup with fresh fruit and low fat granola. PARFAIT! Yum! emoticon

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