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Meal Plan for February 2-February 8

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Meal Plan 2/2/13 through 2/8/13

Well, I have another sort of crazy week coming up, although things are slowly getting back to normal, or rather, the new normal after our big changes with Jís job. His first official day is tomorrow, but we have no idea if theyíre going to have him going somewhere next week or if heíll be home. So, I tried to plan things that I could either make 4 servings of, or 2 or 3. We also have a busy weekend coming up. Sunday is our 1 year anniversary, and since weíll be at a Super Bowl Party that day, we are basically recreating our first date on SaturdayÖ and let me tell you itís the most romantic date youíve ever heard of heh. We will be going to a hockey game in the afternoon, and then to the same pizza place downtown that we went to after the hockey game a year ago. Like I said, uber-romantic! But, because of that I did not plan a dinner for Saturday night. If we end up being hungry Iíll just figure something out. Sunday is the same situation, we are going to a friendís Super Bowl party. Now, if J has to end up flying out Sunday night for work, weíll have to leave the party early. In which case, if Iím not already full from my party food, Iíll just make something simple for myself, like a baked potato.

Speaking of party food, I am making a few things to take to the party, but they are NOT healthy items. Oneís a cheese ball with bacon and jalapeno that I made last December for a party, and everyone loved it. Iím also making pieces of chicken wrapped in bacon, and a honey mustard dipping sauce made with greek yogurt. OK I guess that one isnít THAT bad. Oh, and Iím making chocolate crinkle cookies. I mixed up the batter before Christmas and didnít end up making them so itís been sitting in the freezer ever since. I figured a party is a good way to get rid of it! But anyway if youíre interested in those recipes, just ask! Hereís the plan for weekdaysÖ only 3 meals this week.

MONDAY, February 4, 2013 Ė There is a chance that we will be going to a hockey game, if J is home. But Iím planning on NOT going.

LUNCH: I am going to do my Chipotle on Monday since I wonít have much in the way of leftovers and I learned this past week that frozen meals just donít do it for me anymore.

DINNER: Orange Honey-Mustard Baked Chicken www.chow.com/recipes/305
I chose this recipe not only because I pretty much already have all the ingredients on hand, but it looks like itís pretty easy to either make for 2 servings, or do the full 4. Iím also going to try something new with my chicken. Iím realizing that the giant chicken breasts that I get donít bake that well, the outside gets done and the inside takes a long time. So I will be cutting these in half lengthwise. If itís just me, I will do 1 breast, if J is home, I will do 2. He can eat both halves in one sitting whereas I can save my 2nd one for lunch. This also helps keep the calories down while still being more than satisfying. I calculated this, assuming 20oz of chicken for 4 servings, at 239 calories per serving. I will serve with rice and some sautťed green beans and shallots.

TUESDAY, February 5, 2013

LUNCH: Leftover Orange Honey-Mustard Baked Chicken

DINNER: Bacon and Pea ďMac N CheeseĒ www.jasonandshawnda.com/
I am making this for my Maintainersí Whatís Cookiní Good Lookiní Challenge, so there will be photos and a review posted next week. Iím not sure if this is really legit Mac N Cheese but it sure looks good. Also, J does not like peas, so if he is not home, I will use plenty of them! If he is home, Iíll use broccoli. I also plan on adding in about 8oz of chicken breast cut up, to up the protein a bit more and to make it more substantial. Surprisingly, this came in at 578 calories for the entire thing, which for anything remotely close to Mac N Cheese, especially one that uses 8oz of cheese and bacon, is pretty good.

WEDNESDAY, February 6, 2013

LUNCH: Leftover Bacon and Pea Mac N Cheese

DINNER: Hockey game!

THURSDAY, February 7, 2013

LUNCH: Leftover Bacon and Pea Mac N Cheese (Assuming thereís any left! If not, maybe another Chipotle day!)

DINNER: Pioneer Womanís Marlboro Manís Second Favorite Sandwich thepioneerwoman.com/cook
So, I donít know if Iíve mentioned this here before but I love The Pioneer Woman and her blog. Her show is just OK but her blog is great. I pretty much want her life, including her hot cowboy husband (sorry J!). Anyway, I like her recipes but if you are at all familiar with her, most of them are SO not healthy. But this one didnít turn out to be too bad at all. Oh, since the name doesnít give it away at all, itís basically chicken breast seasoned with lemon pepper, then cooked on the stovetop and topped with cheese and bacon and served with a bun. I plan on adding Dijon mustard to mine too, or maybe honey mustard, and of course will be using my trusty center cut bacon. I pretty much have all the ingredients on hand and it just sounds really good. Iím going to cut each breast in half lengthwise again as that will make cooking easier, and helps save on the calories. I will serve with some frozen fries (maybe sweet potato if I still have some in the freezer) and a salad. The sandwich including bun and mustard is 443 calories.

FRIDAY, February 8, 2013

LUNCH: Leftover Chicken Sandwich

DINNER: Who knows!

I hope everyone has a great week!
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    Sounds like you're doing the best planning you can without actually knowing how much/if you will be cooking. The orange honey mustard baked chicken sounds delicious btw!
    1407 days ago
    Sounds yummy! Have fun too at the same time! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1407 days ago
    It's kind of driving me crazy too! Hopefully it will be just these first few weeks where it's kind of up in the air, once he gets going he'll be traveling 90% of the time according to his offer letter. I'll definitely be looking at freezing some meals in the future though, although I do look forward to going home and spending a bit of time in my kitchen each night.
    1407 days ago
  • -AMANDA79-
    I can't wait to read your blog! Just posted mine.

    All that uncertainty with dinner would make me crazy. Another idea is just to make the full recipe and freeze the leftovers. Another night when he's gone, all you will have to do is reheat!
    1407 days ago
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