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Thursday, January 31, 2013

From the World Health Organization:

Interesting stats on world wide murder rates...............

The latest murder statistics for the world:

Murders per 100,000 citizens

Honduras 91.6

El Salvador 69.2

Cote d'lvoire 56.9

Jamaica 52.2

Venezuela 45.1

Belize 41.4

US Virgin Islands 39.2

Guatemala 38.5

Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2

Zambia 38.0

Uganda 36.3

Malawi 36.0

Lesotho 35.2

Trinidad and Tobago 35.2

Colombia 33.4

South Africa 31.8

Congo 30.8

Central African Republic 29.3

Bahamas 27.4

Puerto Rico 26.2

Saint Lucia 25.2

Dominican Republic 25.0

Tanzania 24.5

Sudan 24.2

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9

Ethiopia 22.5

Guinea 22.5

Dominica 22.1

Burundi 21.7

Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7

Panama 21.6

Brazil 21.0

Equatorial Guinea 20.7

Guinea-Bissau 20.2

Kenya 20.1

Kyrgyzstan 20.1

Cameroon 19.7

Montserrat 19.7

Greenland 19.2

Angola 19.0

Guyana 18.6

Burkina Faso 18.0

Eritrea 17.8

Namibia 17.2

Rwanda 17.1

Mexico 16.9

Chad 15.8

Ghana 15.7

Ecuador 15.2

North Korea 15.2

Benin 15.1

Sierra Leone 14.9

Mauritania 14.7

Botswana 14.5

Zimbabwe 14.3

Gabon 13.8

Nicaragua 13.6

French Guiana 13.3

Papua New Guinea 13.0

Swaziland 12.9

Bermuda 12.3

Comoros 12.2

Nigeria 12.2

Cape Verde 11.6

Grenada 11.5

Paraguay 11.5

Barbados 11.3

Togo 10.9

Gambia 10.8

Peru 10.8

Myanmar 10.2

Russia 10.2

Liberia 10.1

Costa Rica 10.0

Nauru 9.8

Bolivia 8.9

Mozambique 8.8

Kazakhstan 8.8

Senegal 8.7

Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7

Mongolia 8.7

British Virgin Islands 8.6

Cayman Islands 8.4

Seychelles 8.3

Madagascar 8.1

Indonesia 8.1

Mali 8.0

Pakistan 7.8

Moldova 7.5

Kiribati 7.3

Guadeloupe 7.0

Haiti 6.9

Timor-Leste 6.9

Anguilla 6.8

Antigua and Barbuda 6.8

Lithuania 6.6

Uruguay 5.9

Philippines 5.4

Ukraine 5.2

Estonia 5.2

Cuba 5.0

Belarus 4.9

Thailand 4.8

Suriname 4.6

Laos 4.6

Georgia 4.3

Martinique 4.2


The United States 4.2

ALL the countries above America have 100% gun bans

Think those idiots who are pushing for gun bans will ever realize that GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE, BUT PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, and that if our LAWS WERE FOLLOWED, and if the CRIMINALS WERE SENTENCED ACCORDING TO THE LAW, THAT WE WOULD NOT NEED ANY GUN CONTROL AT ALL???????///

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    You have heard the term "his-story?" These statistics are subject to be skewed in the favor of the ones recording the history. I don't think the U.S. ties with Martinique. All-in-all this shows how much people respect the sacredness of life.

    Thanks for sharing this information.
    1719 days ago
    Canada does not have Capital Punishment ,w hen my fFather got out of the military he became Chief Keeper at a Maximum security prison.I grew up believing guns don't kill people people do but I also believe in capital punishment .Someone told me the death penalty does not cut down on murders.I said well it sure cuts down on recidivism.They looked at me blankly that was when I realized I had to explain,people who commit a murder and are paroled and do it again are recidivists !That was when I realized that while you are right and I am right it matters little to these people they really have not even researched the subject they are just parrotting what someone has told them without understanding !
    1719 days ago
    Agreed that guns don't kill people. It begins with a thought. It is the mind that needs healing. emoticon
    1720 days ago
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