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Some days are better than others

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm sure we all have good and bad days. We also have boring days, when the hours pass as we go through the motions. Those days are the ones which lead us to appreciate the super fantastic days when they come around. The boring days are also the ones which give us the results we are looking for, weight loss, inch loss and improvements in health because we do the right thing and make good choices.
Today was a reward day for me. I had an early appt with my doctor. I had stopped taking my blood pressure tablets because my bp had dipped below the normal limits and 3 weeks later was still at the low end of normal (107/66). The doctor was impressed, he said it was very unusual and he didn't expect it to happen but the evidence was there. He cancelled the prescription and also cut my statin medication from 40 to 20mg as the figures are low and my risk factors are almost non existent. Hooray for "sensible eating and exercise"!
Now, exercise....not every fat person's "go to" activity. I have said in previous blogs that the simple words from the doctor "Eat less, walk more" were the wake up call I needed. I did walk, and my faithful dog Flower has been walking too.

The shoes I had done most of my walking in were crocs (and not the branded ones!) but the time has come for something a little more rugged so my walking boots have arrived

I also received some new trainers as I'd worn the soles though on my last pair

I love the pink laces and the air bubble in the heel.

While I was ordering stuff I saw a skirt on offer, I've taken a picture of the label so you can see the discrepancies between the sizes UK/EU/US the comparison of shoe sizes is shown on the boot box

so it seems I am a US size 10! shoe and skirt size.

That is a cause for some celebration. Tomorrow it's back to the same old routine.
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