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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I am finally home. I was hospitalized from the afternoon of January 17th through the afternoon of January 29th. Believe me 13 days in a hospital is more than I ever want to spend in a hospital again. I am so glad to be home and my dogs are so happy to have me here, not to mention my husband. Everyone is hovering but with the pain medications I have to take I am not awake enough to have it bother me. I have found that I still reach for my IV pole to take it with me when I move, it is just a habit now. After 13 days, I guess it just became part of me. My weight is once again up due to all the fluids they pumped in to me but I know that will go away quickly and I will begin losing weight again. I am once again back at the very beginning of the diet, so they have me on the protein shakes and clear liquids until February 11, and then we will see if we can advance the diet. I am struggling to stick to the liquids because I feel I have been on it so long, but I will make it. I am counting the days to February 11.

They were able to do the laparoscopic exploratory of the lower abdomen on Tuesday, January 22, in the afternoon. When they did that, Dr. McMahon, my bariatric surgeon, found a mass of bowels all connected together by adhesions. He feels that the adhesions could easily be part of the problem so he tried to remove as many as he could but in the process he also nicked one bowel and had to repair that. He also noticed that the pouch he had built was now tilted at an odd angle and often would not allow the stomach to empty completely so he straightened that out. He is pretty sure that either one of these would have caused the nausea and vomiting and combined they would have intensified the problem, so he is also pretty sure that it has been taken care of.
The adhesions were caused by a couple of prior lower abdominal surgeries I had, one to remove my Appendix and Gall Bladder and another to remove a fatty tumor from my bowels. I am just praying this is the answer. I still have nausea but I don't think that is unusual after abdominal surgery and at least I am not vomiting.
Despite the pain and the recovery period I have ahead of me, I am thrilled that they have found an explanation and that I am on the road normalcy again. I just can't wait to get some real food that I can chew, but that will come soon enough.
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