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Janus, Greek God of Transition

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hence why this first month is named January. Well here I am at the end of January thinking back to what I was looking forward to at the beginning.

My physical health has stayed to the forefront, which I think is fine. I had hoped it would be a launchpad for me moving on in other areas, but it's important to keep "my own oxygen mask" in place if that makes sense. I can't do much in other areas if I don't stay on my feet physically. And I've been sorting out my maintenance plan still, especially with hurting my foot.

My writing focus for the month was on non fiction, and I did get several posts up on that blog. I will let that cool for a while and work on my autobiographical novel in February. It's theme is the spiritual life of a mentally ill person.

My resolution to do more art hasn't gone the way I envisioned. Though I did do a couple of sketches and I'm wrapping up a photography project today. I got a coupon for a free photo book, so I've been compiling my photographs of my babies. It may sound like scrapbooking, but you have to understand that photography is a real passion for me, and I took a picture of my kids every week for the first year of their lives for the most part. There are a few gaps, sadly. There were times I literally could not afford to get my film processed, and I have lost some media, so I have to sort of absorb that it can't be perfect. And there are lots of great pictures that didn't fall on the right day of the week. So beauty doesn't always happen on a schedule. But I do want to continue having more art in each day.

And then there's the house. Happily, the clutter didn't go anywhere, so I can pick up right where I left off!! Did I lose you there? Yeah, me too. But I have become more aware of how thinking too grand in scope is holding me back. It's a lot like what I used to think about my weight, that there was no point in trying and I should just settle for survival. Once I got going, I couldn't believe I had let that paradigm keep me where I was for so long.

I do want to get moving on my budget and finances. I am going to try paying my mortgage and other big bills semi monthly, just on my own. I have't done anything with it yet this year, and I probably shouldn't go a month between reconciliations. But I think this will be good.

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