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Days 3, 4 & 5 and my foul mouth

Thursday, January 31, 2013

it's been a few days so I thought I would update. the past couple days have been good. I did a salt water flush yesterday which was entertainment for the morning. if nothing else it was def a work out getting up and racing to the toilet every 10 minutes.

days 3 & 4 I wasn't hungry at all during the day. I was making myself drink 2 juices throughout the day. then I would drink a dinner juice and a little juice while I was juicing for the next day and i'd feel really good until about 9pm. and then my stomach would start making all kinds of crazy noises and i'd get hungry. I wasn't sure if I should drink more so late, or if the sugar from the fruit would make me restless at night so I've been ignoring it and just drinking more water.

i'm finding it tough to stay warm. there are times when i look in the mirror and my lips are kind of blue. that's not good! i ordered some spirulina and chlorella so i'm hoping these supplements will give me a boost.

let me tell you the worst side effect of juicing: my breath. seriously i think it could knock out a zombie. i keep brushing throughout the day and flossing but it just creeps back up like an ill fitting swimsuit. i did some research though and found a video on YouTube from a couple that did a 100 day juice fast. their name is BeYourPotential and i think around days 97 they address dental care. i have no idea what took them so long other than the fact that as a couple maybe they didn't notice each others rancid breath? all i know is that my hound has been sleeping by my feet lately and that's gotta tell you something about the state of affairs with my odor. anyhoo, the lady explains that because you aren't chewing you aren't actually scrubbing away any bacteria. so you've got all this lovely fruit and veg juice in your mouth throughout the day and bacteria are lovin it. probably multiplying like hamsters in there. she suggests lots of brushing and tongue scraping. got it. then the guy takes over the conversation and he's not as interesting.

the detox itself has been interesting. I've been breaking out in the strangest places, like the back of my neck, my lip, my hairline. what the heck? just odd. luckily it's not terrible but i can tell that my body is eliminating waste. which makes me think... how long should i stick with it?

when i set out to juice i wasn't sure how long i wanted to go full blast for. i loosely had 10 days in my head, ideally 15... if i'm feeling awesome than 30! i knew that i wanted enough time to really detox, to see improvements in my health (mostly my dry skin and headaches) and to lose a few lbs along the way. but there has been a change in events and now i'm at a crossroads. I've finally got a job! yaay! i'm really excited and i start Monday. with that being said i don't know that just juicing will give me enough stamina (mentally and physically) to jump into a new job. it's only a temporary 3 month contract so i need to be in top form if i'm going to last. i'll be working under the director of a major investigations organization here in London. very exciting stuff but it sounds like i'll be on my toes a lot. so with that being said i think that day 5 will be my last of this juice feast. for the time being at least. it's really disappointing because i JUST got out of the withdrawal phase and i really wanted to make it at least 10 days. but i need to look at it like 5 days is pretty good, but now i have to make wise choices to keep my health streak going and to fuel my body in a sustainable way.

my plan is to start off simple tomorrow. still juice but i'm going to have some homemade applesauce because it's easy to digest and won't hurt my stomach hopefully. i'll probably have some tomato basil soup too. over the weekend i'll see how i do with soft veggies and carry on from there. i will still definitely keep juicing every day though. no doubt that that is good for me. AND i made up another recipe the other that is really yum:

easy green:
sweetheart cabbage
cucumber (it's good with or without)
2 apples
1/2 lemon

i needed to give my lemon juices a break and this was actually really nice. i found myself peering down my bottle today to check and see how much i had left- in a good way! enough writing for today. you agree with me on getting back to food before a new job though right?
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    I agree with you. You can't start a new job and spend all your time in the restroom. They'll wonder what you're up to! :)
    1870 days ago
    That's a tough call. You've come so far, but I think you know your body and your current energy levels best.

    The detox lecture I attended, warned of bad breath, headaches, constipation, fatigue, achy flu-like feelings, itchy skin, offensive body odor, nausea, and sleep issues both too much and too little, as signs that your body is cleansing itself. They recommended more water, adding chia seeds to your juices or taking Psyllium. Also to help detox your skin a hot Epsom Salt bath, 2 cups per tub, and a Manuka Honey face mask. Since toxins are stored in our fat cells, as you lose fat your body releases more toxins so the symptoms can reappear at different times throughout the detox.

    We've been following the Fresh Energy Cookbook, which is a detox lifestyle, for a month now. You're juicing and eating. I have to say, it's been pretty easy, Although I have had a few bad food choice days. I did notice breath issues the first week, and some strange body odors, luckily I didn't have to go anyplace, and I did take an Epsom salt bath, which I liked. Now I'm noticing the opposite changes, I don't even wake up with morning breath, and when I was in the grocery store, someone asked what perfume I was wearing, that I smelled like cucumbers. emoticon
    1870 days ago
    Good point chantal!
    1870 days ago
    esp. if you have body odor issues through this weird diet!
    set your priorities...
    1870 days ago
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