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Withdrawal is no place for the weak

Thursday, January 31, 2013

So this is the third day of my soda ban. Iíve managed to stick to it fairly well. Iíve had a hard time in the mornings. Before Iím even fully awake I stumble into the kitchen and crack open a can. But Iím ok with that. I have about 4 cans left and once theyíre gone I wonít buy anymore. Last night I bought some juice and milk, to give myself a variety at night, and at work I just drink water.

Sidebar: As strange as it seems Iíve found that the container I drink out of matters; odd I know. I bought a fancy cup, with a screw on lid and a hard plastic straw attached. However, I never use it. I donít know if itís just too small, or the straw isnít right, or what. But I bought a bottle of water out of a vending machine, which I refill, and I drink out of that bottle all day.

Anyway, as for the soda withdrawal, I have had a low grade headache since yesterday and I have been noticing that my allergies are acting up a lot more; both are apparently to be expected with the caffeine withdrawal. I also noticed last night that Iím much more irritable and short tempered then usual. But Iím monitoring it, and calming myself down when I get too uptight.

A strange side affect I didnít expect is that I ďfeelĒ dehydrated, even though all the typical clues show otherwise. Iím not thirsty (yesterday, alone I drank over 80 ounces of water) and Iím running to the rest room so often I'm tempted to move my computer in there. But I noticed my lips are dryer than usual, and I seem to be using lotion more often on my hands and arms. I think itís probably just my body freaking out and it should settle down in the next few days. But itís something Iím keeping an eye on.
Iím also a little drowsy, kinda that 2:30 feeling at 9am. But last night I was wired and I had to force myself to go to bed.
I also have a craving for chips, specifically, the salt on chips. Again this could be because of the massive doses of sodium Iím no longer getting from my soda.

But so far itís nothing I canít handle (the dry lips are rather annoying) but Iíll keep truckiní along and see what's next.


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  • _JULEE_
    1408 days ago
    as far as i know, salt dries you out. go low on sodium, if you can.

    whenever i drink those soft beverages, i put on weight at a pace you can see with the naked eye. so it's water only for me, i drink the carbonated stuff, it's easier than tap water. after a while, sugared drinks actually become repulsive!
    and lo and behold, when i get in my 2 liters a day, i use much less skin cream and my mouth and lips don't dry up.

    so, kick the can down the road and out of the house!
    1409 days ago
    You are making a very wise choice, and your body will thank you for it! Plus think of the money you're saving to buy NUTRITIOUS stuff! I've never been heavy into soda nor coffee - I'm content with my one cup of coffee in the morning - but my daghter says she use to drink a liter or two a day. WORSE if it's a DIET cola with the caffeine. Your body will get used to the changes. Try a chapstick for the lips, and lotion ofr other skin concerns. Blessings to you on this journey to good health!
    1409 days ago
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