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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I watched a movie with husband last night and he's still angry I took his night away. I didn't know it was 2 hours and 48 minutes. He ended up walking out like 20 minutes before it ended and went to bed. He's always grumpy in the winter when he can't exercise much and he is allergic to gyms. I need to just remember to give him extra space. It's just so hard to find anything to watch with him.I will watch a drama and he will be in the basement watching a batman movie that was illustrated. My new phone is coming in the mail today. I know he's more excited about it than I am . Maybe I will hide it until he starts being nice =P I know he's super excited to set it up for me. Sweet yes, but i would rather watch an adult movie with him than get a new fancy phone. This isn't serious, I am just fuming. Maybe tv isnt our strong point. Politics, children, animals, work ethic, exercise, eating clean are. No one is a 10, we just chalk them up to a 10 from a 7.2 as Dan Savage puts it.

I have been noticing lately I am not a leader. I could never be a teacher. People think if u go to enough fitness classes, then hey maybe you should teach them! NO! I like going and being directed, I don't like directing. Same with the spark group meetings. It's so frustrating to set them up and then no one comes. I don't wanna do it anymore. Someone was asking if they help me. No because we don't do them enough. And the little we do, do them doesn't make a difference cuz everytime we meet everyone is in such a different place from last time. I feel like most don't come back, cuz they are ashamed to say nothing changed in their lives. I feel let down when ppl say they are gonna come and they don't. People seem to only take weight loss related stuff serious if a cost is attached. Which is probably why WW's does so good cuz your paying someone 12 bucks to weigh you and talk to u. I wonder if they train those ppl to gasp at u when u gain.

Eating has been pretty good the past few days. After I ran 5 miles on Monday I felt good. But then I ran 3 miles on tuesday my body was starving to death. I consumed like 1275 calories by 3 pm and I was still starving. I donno what it is about running at lunch that screws me up but it send me for a loop. I ended up eating 2400 calories that night, went on a stupid binge of eating cold hotdogs straight out of the meat drawer in the fridge. Days when I don't run at lunch, I am perfectly fine, going to bed 1700-1800 calories is easy.

There is snow on the ground this morning, but the sun is out! My freshly painted room is finally lit up! The first day in 5 days I think. Have a good thursday you guys!
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    The Television Set and Its Programming and Its Viewing: One of the greatest yet most unsung battle sites of marriage. I hear you!

    Best wishes!
    1868 days ago
    My hubby and are also not T.V. compatible in many ways. We both hate home shopping networks and neither of us cares about a lot of sports. He cares about none but I don't mind watching car racing, tennis, golf, taekwondo, etc. sometimes. Not into the mainstream stuff like football, soccer, baseball, etc. He hates "womens" shows like the cooking channels, DIY, HGTV, etc. So we end up watching a lot or I.D. TruTV, Discovery, A&E, History, Science. He likes shows like American Pickers and I hate it. As far as movies and music his taste is very limited too. I like all kinds of both except I prefer movies with happy endings.

    I never liked being a leader either but was always thrust into the position. When you work for most companies you have no choice. They consider it a natural progression in the corporate ladder. It's usually a lot more responsibility and not a lot more money. Unless you are terrible at your job and let go, they end up offering you advancement and you are expected to take it. If you turn it down they are angry with you and eventually you are given an ultimatum. That is what is nice about a personal life versus work life. You can say no when they are trying to get you to be a Sunday School teacher or a fitness instructor and not be punished for it. So many people join sparkpeople and they really never stay with it. They come for a month or 2 and then disappear until January or quit all together.

    I am tired of snow!!
    1876 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    Jeff and I can't watch TV together. I like drama and fiction- he likes factual documentaries- snore!!! Lol! Lots of people are grumpier in the winter (my hand held high). That's why we should always be thankful to those that love us no matter what ;)

    I can understand your frustration - putting together an event that nobody shows up to! It sounds discouraging. Maybe a few of the no shows read your blog and will start attending. You may not feel like a leader Julie but you are inspiring to lots of people! Hang in there!
    1876 days ago
    DH and I have very different taste in tv shows and movies - we often find middle ground (we both like quirky and foreign films) - but we also give each other space/time to watch separately. When we were on Netflix, or even Blockbuster, I'd get one "girl" movie (or Harry Potter), he'd get one "guy" movie (usually Batman, or a prison story), and we'd get one we agreed on. Compromise. (And I hate Batman!)

    Because hey, if we both liked dark chocolate, then we'd fight over them, right? So it's a good thing I like dark choc, and he likes milk choc.

    So think of it that way.
    1878 days ago
    I love how you keep it real with us. Funny you mentioned the tv thing with your husband b/c me and my hubby have tv issues. He wants me to turn it off, and I want to watch more. We don't like the same shows either, so we have to compromise a lot. If I watch one of my shows he goes in the other room. Men.
    I LOL at your weight watchers so so true. I think they do train them to gasp at you. Seriously!! That is one reason I quit last fall...the lady looked appalled and gasped at me for gaining 7 lbs in one week. I was thinking, shoot that's nothing, I can gain way more than that in a week. She didn't help me at all. I'm sure there were probably other leaders that would have been more helpful, but I just got turned off and quit.
    Hubby and I have conversations about how running ups the appetite some times. People tend to gain weight training for full Marathons b/c you have stay so fueled.
    I was SO happy to see the sun today! It is glorious!
    Hope you have a great day today!
    1878 days ago
    Have an awesome day...I am not a winter person either. It helps to vent.
    1878 days ago
    Keep up the good work. Marvel and DC animated movies are really good, well my wife might agree with you. lol emoticon
    1878 days ago
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