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My Self-Love journey to healing...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I hope you all enjoyed my vblog. Iím working on loving me. Itís hard to love you when you struggle through life, but you donít have to struggle when you find something to hold onto. Iím holding onto my faith in God and family and the structure that sparkpeople provides for all of us sparkpeople users and lovers. Iím committed to changing my life, and to turning my physical health around. I can no longer be down in the bumps and blame the world for all the mess that Iíve gotten myself into over the years. I canít blame the past and the things others have done to me. So, what does this bring me to do?
Re-start my self-love journey and call it self-love part 2. Iím committed in the process of changing me, and if youíre a member of a group that Iíve created with my co-leader Sweetlips, then please hang in there with us. We are working on our stuff, and we hope you do the same in the process and work your 100 days journey to you steps Ėwhatever your steps maybe.

Iíve struggled for a long time, and I did not dropped 30 pounds in 90 days, it took me a year to lose 30 pounds, and you know what. Itís going to stay off for a lifetime, because I am learning the KEY steps to healing me in the process of losing this weight. I let last week get the best of me, but I came back with a force that was stronger than all the baggage that Iíve carried from my past. The past is gone, itís dead, itís no more and I canít bring those types of people back into my circle of friendship or love. Itís not a negative let go Ėitís a positive let go; because Iím sick and tired of all the false positives they bring into my life. So, Iím healing me. I will not only be a witness to my change, but you all will be witnesses too. Thank you for watching my vblog, and I appreciate all of your comments. You all have supported me in my roughest hours and weakest moments, and I do appreciate you all. We are diamonds, and we need to start shining bright like a diamond. Thatís my motivational song, and Iíve been sharing it since I heard it.

Iím re-connectingÖMy love for God, self, family, love, and peace within.

Peace & Blessings!
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