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21 Personal Habits that Keep me on track

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This month I've been successful in my weight loss. I'm going to track down some of the things I did so that if I start having a bad month, I can refer back to this to see what I can do to get back on track!

1. Sign up for gym classes (paid ones) early. If my class is at 6am the next morning, I try to sign up around noon or 1pm the day before when my motivation levels are high. If I wait until the evening, I might not "feel like" I want to get up early the next morning.

2. Keep absolutely no junk in the house. There are no potato chips, no cookies, no ice cream. There is nothing here to temp me if I have a momentary lapse of good judgement

3. Keep your fridge full of preportioned meals and snacks. When I cook, I cook enough that will last 4-8 servings. I don't just store the big pan in the fridge, instead, i measure out each serving and put it into a little togo dish. That way I have quick reheat meals, and a variety of things to grab when I pack my morning lunches.

4. Keep a variety of fruits and veggies in the house. I don't like wasting money, so if I buy it, I try to eat it. This helps replace not so nutritious snacks.

5. Visit spark people daily. I try to read at least one article a day, or a forum or something that helps me keep my mind on losing weight.

6. Measure and track....everything. From the coffee creamer in the morning, up to the glass of v8 I have at night. I use my measure cups and spoons several times a day. As soon as I eat it, I track it so I don't forget.

7. Don't under-eat. This was actually a problem for me the 2nd week. I was motivated and I didn't want to put food in my body. But I know if you don't, you'll kill your metabolism. So I learned to substitute skim milk with 1% milk, added nuts/seeds to my diet, and tried to eat at least 1000 calories before and during work so when I come home I only have 200-600 remaining which I can easily finish off with a nice home cooked meal, or a nice protein shake with a banana, protein powder, and TBSP of peanut butter.

8. Don't eat too many calories right before bed. This was a hard one some nights since if I'm too busy at work, not only do I not eat enough while there, I also come home exhausted. But then I'm also starving, so I eat, then pass out. This is a no no. I've been trying to eat smaller/healthy snacks if I know I'm about to sleep, rather than full meals. Of course this can hurt me too if I haven't eaten enough, which is why this rule has to pair with rule #7.

9. Start my weekends in my workout clothes. If I get up and put them on, I'll do my workout in the morning. This has helped several times this month with weekend motivation.

10. Don't eat out. Just don't do it. It's tempting. You don't know the calories in the food. You overindulge. You drink. Nothing good comes from eating out, so skip it. If it can't be avoided, then eat a protein filled snack before you go so you won't be hungry, and therefor order less and healthier items.

11. Limit alcohol, a lot. I used to drink almost every night. And when I drank, I'd drink several glasses of wine. This month has been a lot better for me. I think I've only had alcohol about 6 times this month, and when I did, it was either one glass of wine or one low carb light beer, and not while eating. Alcohol is processed first, so if you eat with alcohol, or drink right after eating, your food gets 2nd dibs to your metabolism and likely will turn to fat.

12. Eat the most carbs in the morning and early afternoon. So fruits, whole wheat breads, etc. all need to be eaten with enough time to process and break down before going to sleep. I didn't follow this rule daily, but did try most days.

13. If you are physically hungry, first drink 8 oz of water. Wait 10 minutes. Stomach still rumbling? Then eat. If you are physically hungry, you should eat. Not eating will slow your metabolism.

14. Stick to low and medium Glycemic Index foods. This basically means stay away from added sugars, white breads, pasta, etc. Most fruits and all veggies are low GI, so I eat a lot of those. Also all dairy products are low GI, unless there's like oreo crumbles in it or something.... You can read more about GI on Mendosa website.

15. Do not under any circumstance skip breakfast. I try to eat within 30 minutes of waking up. If I'm really busy, I make a protein shake by stirring powder into milk. Quick and filling meal.

16. Drink liquids. I drink at least a gallon of water a day. I also use liquids in some of my meals, including a protein shake or a low sodium V8. I also like Diet Hot Chocolate with 1% milk. I find liquid food more filling. And if I start to feel hungry too soon, I down a glass of water and see if it helps.

17. Remind yourself daily of your mini and overall goals. Keep it on your mind and it will help overcome temptations.

18. Workout at least 3 times a week. I actually aim for 5 days a week, but I always get at least 3 days of something in. Also don't over-work your body, as it needs rest to allow for muscle growth and also help to decrease injury.

19. Visual reminders. I look at old pictures of myself at smaller weights, and I also look at my spark people weight ticker to see how far I've gone visually. It really helps.

20. Tell everyone your goals. The more people who know, the more people you won't want to disappoint. Let everyone know you're trying to lose weight. Hopefully some of them will be encouraging and help keep you on track.

21. Eat every three hours. Eat at least something, even if it's only an apple, to help your metabolism keep rolling all day long.

Well that's all I can think of for now. The 21 things above have helped me lose 14.4 pounds this month!

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CRYSUNSHINE714 1/30/2013 11:34PM

    Thanks for sharing!! emoticon

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MLYN92 1/30/2013 11:33PM

    Good things to remember! Thanks for sharing!

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