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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I say that because each layer we attempt to fix we peel something and another issue pops out before you get to the meat of the situation

Yesterday we did the 4 hours to Duke, send on hour there, check our son's condo for progress on the rebulding since the fire, and then drive back 4, really 5 hours by the time we stopped to get some lunch

Left hee at 515 am after I got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep due to a major stress issue I will not discuss here

I knitted all the way there, 2 hours of it in the dark sipping on coffee as we drove up. Was reall worried how this was going to go since the labs on the 31 Dec shLowed my tsh was 0.0235 which is REALLY low . We were shocked it was even measurable

got there at 920 am after walking over 2000 steps from the parking garage to the clinic After checking in, barely got any time to sit. her nurse called me back for daily stats Was not shocked my weight was up due to the thryoid being so low and was not concerned at all. What did get me was on Monday at my GP's office my bp was 126/79. There is was 153/91 Yep,just a bit worried now althought it was a rough 12 previous hours with lack of sleep and stress issues

She took me back to the doctors office at 940 which was my appt time and the doctor followed her in. WOW. A doctor who is on time. emoticon emoticon Dr Perkins

After we got through the preliminaries of how I was feeling, etc. she came up with a new plan for me. My urine sodium levels have always been so low their can't be measured, where as my blood levels are completely normal. So between this week and next, I have to take some sodium pills and do a 24 hour urine sample. Problem is tat I can't start this until Monday because I have to have my blood pressure taken twice a day to make sure my bp does not go wild and crazy and put me into stroke zone

If the numbers come back still really low it will confirm a diagnosis another doctor made a few years ago (this test was an option then, now not an option)

Then she gets to take a really harder look at my pitutary MRI which might show something really rare. We knew the base of my pitutary gland was showing empty but there could be another reason.. My pitutary gland might actually be upside down thereby causing all the medical issues I am having.

As we are leaving she gets 8 more tubes of blood, one to test my tsh again, and other tests which weere blotched here due to the techs not freezing the samples.

We keave there no later than 1030 after walking the 2000 steps back to the parking garage

I want coffee really badly now and where the say a starbucks is,we can't find it. So off to the condo. Work progressing very slowly.

heading home and to get something to eat. Another headache, but I will not discuss it

We get home close to 4 and I see on the called ID the hospital called. Listen to the message and this is not good at all Listen to the message and my doctor wants me to call her staff back ASAP.

My tsh was gone from the negatives to te positives with it now over 100

She upped my meds from 125 to 175 each day,and instead of waiting 30 minutes to eat after taking it, I now have to wait 60 to make sure it is completely in my system.

then I need to up my calcium, as my parathryoid gland is acting up again (had a tumor removed on one of them last Aug) Granted it is simple surgery, I don't want to do it again.

My vitamin D once again is in the toliet which goes with my parathryoid and calcium being whacky. She was even beginning to think I had celiacs disease until I told her that was ruled out.

Still waiting for more results which I should be seeing on my patient page in a few days

Now I have to redo my medicine schedule again so some things do not interact wth each other.

the great news is that I was teasing with her saying I wish there was a way we could skype my visits. She said funny I mentioned that as the hospital was actually getting ready to start a program like that so they could do consults and follows with patients and doctors in other places who could not make it there The only issue was getting the insurance companies on board with it.

Last night it dawned on me. We can electronically sign documents on line. Why can't the documents be signed that way and submitted to the insurane company and they could pay even if they added on a fee like video conferencing fee which the patient could pay separaetely for the convinence of not traveling that That way it would be win win
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