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Hiding Snacks? Yikes!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ok, I confess. I'm seriously considering hiding snacks from my family emoticon . Not in a sneaky, I'm binge eating kind of way. But in a protective, I'm concerned about them kind of way emoticon. "Yeah right", you say. But I'm serious! emoticon Here's the deal; I have a very diligent sweet tooth. I don't overdo it, but I like to have a small taste of something sweet every single day emoticon . Well, being the bargain hunting coupon clipper that I am, I prefer to buy my treats from someplace like Walmart, where they are cheaper rather than say...a convenience store when I'm out and about. Well, I am more than capable of having one small taste, and leaving the rest alone. However, DH and the kids like to devour the stuff. If it's in the house, they WILL eat it ALL. I just like for it to be available when I want it, not necessarily so I can eat it all up in a short period of time. What they don't get is that I'm pacing myself, counting calories, sticking to a fitness plan...and they aren't taking all those steps. I really think I'm gonna start having my treats at work or in my car when I'm alone. But then I'd feel like a true fatty emoticon. And NO I will NOT give up my treats! What a conundrum emoticon
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  • SPARKLE1908
    You sound like you have a good have to do what you have to do...totally understandable... emoticon
    1839 days ago
    One of my coworkers hides her good chocolate in an oatmeal container. Apparently her husband hates oatmeal, so he never looks in there. An empty tampon box would probably work too...

    Anyway, it's got to be a guy thing! And there's absolutely no reason to feel guilty for *saving* (i.e., hiding) your treats. Everyone should have treats (healthy or not) now and then.
    1841 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/2/2013 12:49:00 AM
    This IS a conundrum. You've gotten some excellent input. I've lived and seen and read many "stories" in this regard. Our Mom used to have a BOX of Skor chocolate bars in the car (good thing we lived in New England where they never melted). She was a closet eater. I suppose were they in the house I might have shared.

    My stepdaughter never HAD food (no lie) and she is very possessive about food and labels and hides it and even after five years living with us it is occasionally a concern even though I assure her that I can and will get more of whatever it is.

    I totally hear what you are saying and how it is a fine line of balance of what to do and how to address it Skee. YOU deserve to have what you want and when you want it too and shouldn't feel it has to be hidden or eaten at a time and place that makes you feel skeevy about it either.

    Too bad life can't be easier huh?

    As someone will do the "right" thing for you and your family!
    1842 days ago
    Skeewee!! I am totally game with you hiding the goodies! It's the same way in my house with my DH!! He has NO CONTROL and will eat the ENTIRE whatever is it! I saw this combonation lock for Ben n Jerry's ice cream, "mine not yours" hahaha They need to make a combo lock for everything!!! Sometimes I will buy whatever it is in bulk then place the serving size in a snack bag, last longer for sure! I hide things from my DH so he won't get the last of it!!! So strange so many of us have the same issue!!!!!!!
    1843 days ago
    You feel about it however you will feel about it, skeewee, but I have no problem with you creating a hiding place or stash for your treats. You could even get one of those cheapy cash boxes with key and just stash the candy there! Especially as this is something that you track and count in your daily register-- it means that you get to enjoy it and if your kin mangent-tout, well you're outta luck! I say stash away!
    1843 days ago
    I hear you!! If its not hubby its my 22 year old son! He just graduated college and He's on" layover" till he finds a job and an apartment. I cant keep anything in the house. Not my little treats or leftovers. Hes use to staying up late so once DH and I go to bed he raids my stash! Hahahah He says I only had to little dove bars....the gremlins must eat the rest. Thinking about hiding them in my underwear drawer!!
    1843 days ago
    You'll do the right thing !
    1843 days ago
    Don't feel bad - I hide my sugarfree treats too. As you said, I allow myself one treat after dinner. But if they 'live' in the pantry, DH will eat the whole package - and even sugarfree treats have calories so that's not good for him (and they won't be there when I need them!) Hey, we do what we have to do to lose weight, right? So no more guilt!! emoticon
    1843 days ago
    YIKES! Is there anyway you'd consider opting for healthier treats you and the family can eat without the guilt? We're all learning to eat better so, this could be your chance to start modeling good eating habits. I know that's easier said than done.

    1843 days ago
    My son and I have a DEAL - he has HIS and I have MINE - I had to really lay down the law on that because he used to eat not just the sugary treats, but fruit, veggies, pudding, Jello, etc. too. I would buy something special for ME and the next time I looked for it - he would sheepishly say, "I didn't think you WANTED it because it was still there." Just because I didn't eat all of my treats in one or two days, he thought I must not want them any more. It is no longer a problem. I keep MINE in one place or label it if it is in the fridge - he does the same. He has even learned to keep HIS where he must go into another room to get them and NOW even HIS snacks last the whole month too. He learned when he couldn't eat mine and couldn't get any MORE he might be smart to spread them out over time unless he wanted to do without.
    1843 days ago
    LOL -- my daughter was busting into the few things I had around the house for me. I finally had to lay down the law. There are things there for her and any guests, and there are treats that are just for me. You have a bigger family though and that would be harder. Good luck!
    1843 days ago
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