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I Hate My Parents!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It’s no secret to anyone that I have gained 20 pounds in the past year. Contrary to what my parents think, their constant nagging on the subject isn’t my only reminder that I’m fat. I know I am, without their constant reminders, and I know that I have to lose weight. That is why I have been exercising regularly and controlling my diet, especially portion size. (Excuse me Mother dear, but weren’t you the first one to notice that I only eat half of what I used to?)
Currently, I’m still in high school. Before I leave for school, I drink a glass of milk, just because it upsets my stomach if I eat anything that early in the morning. We have lunch at 11:45 AM, and all I eat is half an apple (because no one eats a full meal at school). The six hours between the time I wake up and eat lunch, I am living off of my 1 cup of milk. Milk is pretty filling, but it can’t contain a person for six hours! I need some food during that time! I pack a granola bar or something healthy, but before I leave, my mom sneakily takes it out of my bag, and when I get to school, I open my lunch box to find only a water bottle and half an apple!
As if that alone isn’t bad enough, get a load of this. So I usually eat a real lunch when I get home at 3:00. But since I’m “taking in too many calories during the day”, my parents told me to stop eating when I come home! Now, when I come home from school, having eaten only half of an apple and a glass of milk in the past 9 hours, I can only drink 1 glass of milk. I’m banned from eating food when I come home with the exception of dinner. The worst part is that my dad works from home, so he will constantly be at home to make sure that I don’t break that rule; if I do, I will be severely punished.
I hate my parents! I really do! I never used to say that I hated anyone, because hate is a really strong word, but this, along with other stuff that has been going on which I won’t get into, I say it all the time because that’s how strongly I feel! I’ve tried talking to them on countless occasions, but when I argue, I just get shot down. I’ll say it now and I’ll keep saying it for a thousand years to come – I hate my parents! I’m sorry I wasn’t born the model you wanted me to be, but I’m even sorrier to be “blessed” with parents like you two who don’t see me and everything I go through.

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    I'm sorry to hear that your parents are being like this. I would try to talk to them one more time.. maybe keep a food diary for a few days with the total number of calories. As you may know if you eat to little, it slows your metabolism. I'm guessing your not meeting your daily intake for calories. You can go online...and probably even on spark find out what your calorie intake should be.

    If they still won't listen, go to the school counselor or if you can get to your doctor. You may need to tell your parents your not feeling well, due to dizziness, not being able to concentrate...symptoms associated with starvation...if they say and/or think nothing is wrong.

    1873 days ago
    Dear sweetheart , it sounds like your whole family has eating disorders by all you are saying on your blog!!!! I think you all need to go into counselling both individually and family. The photo you have on your profile does not look grossly overweight. I had an overeating problem all my life and can sincerely hear what you are saying about problems with parents but, you need to communicate with them in order to have a healthy nutritional intake as well as improved relationships as a family. Please don't begin to close yourself off from my advice. You can take what you want and leave the rest but you seem intelligent. Seek some kind of advice either a counsellor at school or nurse at school. Be the intelligent force in your own life and begin to focus on a solution to your issues not a person that is a victim by saying you hate your parents!
    p.s. dont give up!!!
    1873 days ago
  • DEE1221
    emoticon You are in a difficult situation. You are a growing young woman that needs good nutrition to be strong and healthy. I wish I could help. I would feed you!!
    1873 days ago
    I agree, I think it would be very wise for you to sit down with your family doctor and talk about your concerns re: parents and what your NOT eating ... you need to be eating THREE meals a day ... Good luck !
    1873 days ago
    Okay if they are not allowing you to eat other than what you are saying, go to a school councelor or dr. You must have more food than that and you won't lose any wt, only get sick. Your parents are none too bright, sorry but that is just silly. People do have to eat. Most parents are worried their daughters will become anorexic. Geesh get help my dear.
    1873 days ago
    I am sorry for your situation. Quite possibly, your body may be storing fat because you're NOT eating enough calories, which is a losing battle. If your body thinks its starving it stores fat.

    I'm not sure how to get around your parents, but you do need to eat 3 good meals a day. You'll have more energy and I bet you'll see better results!

    Good Luck to you.
    1873 days ago
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