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When Facebook Gets me on a Soapbox

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Well, I can’t guarantee how amusing this blog will be, but I have been finding myself on a soap box about a lot of different things lately… like Facebook. Facebook has been seriously grading on my nerves lately. It’s like people log on to their accounts and they just morph into crazies! WTH! Not until Facebook came into existence did I ever know that:

1) You can only praise God by “liking” someone’s little picture that they “liked” because they didn’t want to go to hell… which is apparently where you will be automatically sent if you don’t like that particular item.

2) It is necessary to publicly humiliate people you know, or love, or hate, or have never met – by airing any and all dirty laundry.

3) It is acceptable to call out people, who apparently “know who they are” and just because you didn’t say the person’s name, you are somehow magically innocent in whatever wrong doing happened.

4) If you get enough “likes” you are responsible enough to get a dog and in a good situation to have another child. I had no idea this was the new way to justify irresponsible/undeserving children and adults (if that’s what you want to call them) being responsible for another life!?!

5) None of my friends can spell and I also question their ability to speak English… it’s seriously ridiculous. There, their, they’re… IT’S NOT THAT HARD!!! Oh, and there is a HUGE difference between the words “then” and “than”.

Ok – I’ll step off that soap box. Oh wait! One more thing! I don’t think any of the people I have “friended” understand that their sole purpose for their existence on Facebook is to amuse me at any point at which I might pick up my phone and log on. This is painfully obvious because nothing I see lately has been even remotely amusing – and while I do appreciate those quirky little old-timey pics with the frackin’ hilarious sayings on them, it is also ok to post pertinent information of something that actually happened in your life that day (not about every calorie eaten/burned and for goodness sake – you don’t have to post “I’m sick” every time you have a sniffle).

On a side note – I am wearing fat pants today. Not the fat pants that you wear when you need a little extra stretch… or the ones you wear when you’re feeling a bit on the bloated side. No, these are the ones that are apparently still too small, and so incredibly uncomfortable that I have considered more than once today just pulling them off and sitting very close to my desk! LOL!

Sadly, this is yet another pair of pants that must be folded and added to the triumph stack. I don’t think they would be so bad – but they are a little low waisted and I’m not quite back into that style just yet. Actually, I have a muffin top from hell when I sit down and the waist band is crushing my hip bones. I’m really not sure how I made it all the way to work before I realized this issue.

Oh well! The day is almost over, and I’ll be on my way home in about 30 minutes. I think I can make it until then.

PS – I’ve been very proud of my food decisions over the past 2 days. Even when faced with the opportunity to eat out, or eat badly. I’m thinking it wouldn’t take much to erase white sugar from my diet all together. But I’ll save that for another day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    LMAO! Thank you for writing this! What you said about FB is so TRUE! I barely watch TV any more and FB is on it's way out also.

    About the pants, just keep at it! Things have got to change eventually!

    I always do a spell check but, let's face it, computers are stupid too!
    1721 days ago
    The made me laugh out loud! I agree with you about facebook. The one that gets me most is people's spelling & grammar. Ugh! We learned that stuff all the way from kindergarten to high school. It's not that difficult people!!
    1722 days ago
    I am with you on the Facebook issue!

    As for the pants, I too have a Triumph pile. And notches on the belt that will get used!

    Congrats on the White sugar issue. I don't know how personally bad it is as a food product but now I want to look into it, so thank you!

    Keep DOING!
    1722 days ago
    Disclaimer - I'm fully aware that in making fun of my friends who cannot spell, there is highly likely an error or 2 in the above... HOWEVER, we'll call them typos. :)
    1722 days ago
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