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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I had one topic in mind this morning, but then I left the house so now I have more thoughts to get out.

My original topic is about eating at the computer. Brooklyn_Born was talking the other day about how she eats at the computer sometimes.

I agree with her on that. I have discovered recently that when I'm trying to have a snack, but am busy at the computer, I eat much slower. I know "they" say not to eat while distracted, but this computer thing slows me down so considerably that I tend to be full before eating too much. I can understand eating while watching tv may not work as well since I tend to have both hands free then, but at the computer my hands are busy talking to people or playing games. That makes my hands too busy to properly eat fast. So to me, eating at the computer, while working on Spark or handling other online things, is a great deterrent of eating too much.

Topic 2. I left the house this morning and made the mistake of asking how someone's diet was going. I knew she was trying to lose weight, I'm not sure if someone told her how hard it would be to have the stomach stapling thing done and wanted her to try to lose some weight before trying that process.

I told her how I've done it successfully. I mentioned that the only thing that really works well for me is writing everything down. At that point she got really mad and told me that she would never do that, not actually mentioning that she didn't want to work hard to actually lose the weight.

I got the feeling that, despite the health issues she's having, she isn't up to doing the real work that it takes to relearn good habits. She's obviously still upset that something or someone outside of herself is making her lose the weight. I hope that one day she'll be calmer about it.

I praised her for working out this week, as she was happy she got 3 workouts done this week. I suppose little steps will bring big results. I hope that the mention of her weight loss one day will not bring anger to the boiling point. I guess I'll have to leave that as one of those topics not to touch with this woman for a while until she brings it up.

Topic 3. My clothes. They just don't fit right. I thought that I'd be able to get more use out of my shirts. I've discovered that I still have xxl's sitting in my closet. They were cute and great when they fit. Now they're all frumpy and make me look fatter than I actually am.

So yesterday I went out with my Mom and we ended up at a couple of stores. I now have 6 new shirts (granted they're plain t-shirts, but shirts none the less) that fit right. Some of my bigger shirts were only fitting okay to begin with when I was the right size for them, but now they're completely falling off the shoulders, so it's time to purge my closet again and get the right fitting clothes in my wardrobe again.

There's no reason to have ill fitting clothes in a closet, no matter what size you are. I'm hoping that I'll be able to buy a new size of jeans by the time my taxes come back sometime in the next months or so. From now on, I need to make sure my clothes fit me right, before I leave the store.

So now I'm off to clean the house because there's no way I'm walking in this weather. It's cold and getting colder, so I thought I'd stay away from frostbite for the day and stay home instead of walking up to the school for my normal volunteer day. Once the dishes are done, I can go through that closet and only have the right fitting items in there.
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  • TANYA602
    I just love your blogs! I can always relate to something you say here, and you touch on three very relevant topics. I love the new shirt in your profile pic - so I am guessing it's one of the new ones? Very nice!
    My dearest friend doesn't want to talk about weight loss - I think she imagines if just dropped off me with no work. She recently saw me walking the stairs during recess and has called me a "maniac." So I know she knows I've worked at this.We're all just different, and our eating habits are, as well. I would love to do this with her, but she's not ready yet......
    Keep smiling, baby - it looks good on you!
    1848 days ago
    Good plan. It sounds good that you are going to give this woman some space as she deals with her weight loss. There is a chance that alot of people have given her advice and you might have been that just one more person overload that put her over the top. I know when I have dealt with something whether it was weight loss, having a new baby, caring for an elderly relitive... I have gotten alot of advice and many times conflicting. Hope she figures out what's best for her and perhaps later she will be ready to take some great advice from you. I know I have.
    Also cleaning out your closets in this crappy weather sounds like the perfect thing to do on this colder than cold days. Have fun!
    1850 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Glad you found some new tops that fit well, one feels so much better in proper fitting clothes. Sorry that women got mad for bringing up wight loss. Until she figures out that losing weight is a good step it will be a touchy subject. Hopefully with her going to workout will move her forward with watching what she eats too.
    1850 days ago
    emoticon on the weight loss and needing new clothes.

    Sorry about the person who was short tempered with you.
    1850 days ago
  • CC3833
    I agree with the computer eating... You are so involved in what you are doing that you forget to put food up to your mouth. And being on SP while I'm eating is even better because I don't want to eat any "bad" foods while being on a health and weight loss website.

    AS for the girl... I just had a conversation with someone who wanted to lose weight and was thinking of getting the surgery. I begged her not to. I told her it can be done and lose weight without surgery. Her excuse was that her whole family was big... Okay so is mine. My sisters are over 200 lbs... A few of my cousins are pushing 300 lbs. I don't buy the genetic excuse. Especially for the fact that my sister lost over 80 lbs so far and her husband about 110 lbs and they are still going... I am super proud of them! Yes it may start off that you might not have it as easy as someone else but it can be done. I also offered to go for walks with her when it gets warmer. (no use in helping someone in the freezing cold and make exercising seem terrible). I don't know we will see how it goes. I guess not everyone wants to feel our spark ;-)

    You look amazing in your new pics and you need a wardrobe to reflect that. I say good for you for getting rid of the old stuff. You're doing great keep pushing.
    1850 days ago
    Wow, three blog topics in one. I'll have to think this through.
    1) Thanks for the shout-out. There are many of us for whom the prevailing wisdom of don't do anything else while eating is counter-productive. Typing this reply is slowing down my lunch considerably.

    2)Diet & weight loss are touchy subjects with so many people that it's hard to know what to say that would be helpful. You're right. It sounds like she isn't ready to make the tough choices yet.

    3)Regarding clothes I had the same experience. Since I'm pear shaped, it wasn't a surprise that I needed smaller pants, but I figured I could keep my shirts. Just like you, I looked frumpy. I kept some to wear around the house, but the rest went to goodwill. I can clean the house in anything and if it gets ruined, so what - out it goes.
    1850 days ago
    You are doing so great! When you get down to the size you plan to be, it will be so much fun to buy new things that you really like and look great in!
    My husband has breakfast and lunch at the computer. That seems to be the only time he can fit in his "fun" computer stuff. Then he tries to go for a walk at lunch time. It is really working for him. He looks much better 40 pounds lighter and he still has 20 pounds to go. We bought him 2 pair of slacks and 2 pair of jeans. They fit, but nothing els really does. We are waiting for the 20 more pounds to work it's way off and then we will be going shopping for even smaller clothes! I don't have that nice problem. I am just losing enough that the clothes in my closet are starting to fit comfortably again! That's a nice feeling, too! emoticon
    1850 days ago
    I eat so much in front of the computer, it's ridiculous. I think it does slow me down, as you said, and that's something I hadn't considered.
    1850 days ago
    That must feel so amazing to you (even though you didn't have clothes that fit right) but to see all your old clothes and know they're too big. That's such huge progress! I can't wait for that day myself. To be able to put on clothes and be like "wow these just are too big!" I agree with you too about eating at the computer.. it takes me a long time to finish something when I am sitting there versus actually sitting down at the table to eat or on the couch. Grats on your success so far!! emoticon
    1850 days ago
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