Weight loss rewards!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So I have made a list of rewards for myself for when I hit certain milestones in weight loss! I am going to share :)

265 (where I was AFTER Matisyn was born): New haircut, along with purple highlights. I am thinking a medium length bob cut.

245 (where I was before I got pregnant): 2 new outfits

225 (never been this low, lowest I got was 230): Either re-pierce my eyebrow or finish piercings on my right ear (I am getting them all the way up my ear).

210: Shopping!


170 (GOAL weight): Tattoo! Below are the ones I am considering, and whichever I go with, I am going to make sure to include my boys initials into it!

I also have mini weight loss goals. Like for every 5-10 I lose to get little things like a new nail polish color, new cute panties, something along those lines :)

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