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Took A Cookbook for a Test Drive...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

...and I couldn't be happier!!!

I made this cake for my Mr. for his birthday today:

It looked JUST LIKE THIS (that never happens to me with cookbooks), and it tasted as good as it looks (just like Lindt chocolates... dense yet light, rich, creamy/cakey (most non-gluten baking has a gritty feel in the mouth), strangely satisfying, just sweet enough - unlike a lot of non-gluten baking which is cloyingly sweet)... without an ounce of grain, or processed sugar, or artificial sweeteners! ...And even though it has a lot of coconut milk/oil in it, it didn't taste of coconut at all.

Honestly, this is the first gluten-free baked treat I have made in 18 months that has not left us feeling just a little gyped, or ended up in the garbage after the initial tasting (I have never eaten substandard food and I'm not starting now - I refuse to compromise on taste or texture). I can't wait to make further use of my new cookbook:

Indulge: 70 Grain-Free Desserts by Carol Lovett
(20% off until the end of January)

(It was part of the ebook bundle I blogged about here... so far every book is of the same wonderful quality):

If you'd like to try the recipe above, you can find it (and a lot of other amazing recipes using whole foods) here :


The other wonderful thing about these recipes is that they produce a smaller than usual amount of product... each makes only enough for a taste, a bit to share with others, and nothing left to go to waste, or tempt bad habits. LOVE it! I just have to decide which recipe to try for my birthday next week! Maybe this one...

Lemon Bars

...or this one...

Carrot Cake

...or perhaps this one...

Ginger-Lime Cheesecake

...maybe all three, LOL? (KIDDING!!!)

The truth is, we don't eat a lot of this stuff any more, and we don't really miss it (if it doesn't taste sublime, we won't eat it... it's so NOT worth the calories or feeling less than well). However, special occasions - like birthdays - don't seem quite right without them. My mission this year is to learn to bake without grains, artificial sweeteners, or processed sugar.

It was really nice to see my loved ones' eyes light up with surprise and delight (hubby wasn't expecting any sort of cake, let alone a more than reasonable facsimile of his favourite), and to be told, "Mom, you are the BEST Paleo baker!!!" Considering that, with the exception of bread, I've always been a lousy baker, I'll take the observation with grace and thanksgiving in that perhaps my body is leading me to my niche, LOL.

The truth is that we do love each other (and ourselves) with food... and I honestly don't think that's so very wrong.... so why shouldn't we continue to do so without exacting a heavy price for that love/pleasure?

Eating food that tastes lovely, yet is simply bad for your body, is exactly like choosing to be in an abusive relationship. The rare moments when a glimmer of (false) redemption creeps in doesn't in any way undo the damage incurred the rest of the time.

Part of this journey, for me, is learning how to both love myself (and those I love) AND nurture/nourish with every bite. No matter how good it tastes, if it compromises our health and well-being in any way, it's not love... infatuation, obsession, manipulation, passive-agression, seduction... but not love.

In our house now, every bite must both taste really good, AND nurture/nourish with every bite.

Care to join me?

May today and every day bring to you a ridiculous abundance of whatever you need. May all your concerns, struggles, anxieties and fears fall like ashes as you rise on eagle's wings, SOARING above all that would hinder you along this tremendous adventure of being and becoming all you are created to be. May you be overwhelmed by the grace of God as it simply "overtakes" you moment by moment... rather than being overwhelmed by the cares of life!

{{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

...Because YOUR EFFORT is a reflection of love for yourself!



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