Keeping a promise to my dad and enjoying every minute with him

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When I was a little girl my dad use to say to me "when I get old are you going to take care of me and still love me"? I use to say of course daddy I'll take care of you when your old and now I feel like I'm keeping this promise.
I'm his healthcare proxy and I had to advocate for him in the hospital and be aggressive with the doctors in order to get him off the respirator , when he wasn't being fed , deal with nurses/cna's that weren't doing their jobs and now once again I'm advocating for him at the nursing / rehab home.
Yesterday was his birthday 87 years old!!!!! but he wasn't himself I kept asking the nurse what is wrong with my dad? he's not himself at all he was laboring to breathe, was moaning and very tired and didn't really want to talk to us. Well when my brother went he was the same and come to find out his oxygen level was at 2 liters instead of his 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So , from 1230 pm till 6 pm no one checked his oxygen level to see if it was okay? When I was telling the nurse he wasn't right she should of checked him out but didn't take the time too. I called today about a few issues the oxygen being one of them and well when nature calls you have to go they tell my dad oh your going to have to wait till we dispense out all the meals ... WHAT?????????? your going to make an 87 yr old wait to move his bowels? I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few more issues like giving my dad a full urine bottle to pee into (girl was too lazy to dump it and so my dad said I don't want that she said where do you want it? he said in the toilet where it belongs)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then my dad supposedly has mercer an infection in his nose and 2 CNA's were outside of his room saying ewwwwwwwwwwww I don't want to go in there he has mercer it's very contagious I'm going to triple glove and wear two masks!!! I mean my dad isn't a piece of meat he's a human being treat him like one , his business shouldn't be out for people to hear and he had company and they belittled my dad, he's not there to be insulted.
I was very upset my dad is a proud man and doesn't just ring the bell for the hell of it he hates having young women have to clean him on a bed pan don't make him feel worse by saying hey your not the only patient in here...
I told the lady he might have no value to the people in here but that is my dad and he holds a lot of value to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I said I won't have my dad be made a joke of and I won't have anyone disrespect him while I'm around. The woman apologized and said that she'd talk to the people on the floor, I said and now because I brought this to your attention I better not hear of anyone being mean to him cause we spoke up either.
I said I brought my dad a blueberry muffin the other day the nurse was very rude yelling at me to take it home and kept trying to hand it to me as I was visiting, I said there's a nice way to say something and then the way she did it and no one notices that my dad is on 2 liters less of oxygen then he's suppose to be???????
I said she bragged about working here for 30 yrs, I said maybe she's been here 29 yrs too long because she has no bed side manner not even with my dad...
No one puts a gun to these people's heads to work there , they chose their professions if they can't deal with people then they shouldn't be working with them.
My dad asked why the ladies came up to talk to us and I told him remember when I was a little girl and you asked me if I'd still love you and take care of you when you get old? he said yes, I said well I have your back dad I called because of the oxygen and let them know how you've been being treated because I won't tolerate anyone making a fool out of you!
He even told the woman what was being done and not done to him and said how they throw the urine down the sink then to walk 2 steps (literally 2 steps) to the bathroom to dump it and how they tell him he has to hold himself until after everyone gets their meals.
I was glad he spoke up too! After the little conference we took dad for a walk around the first floor went into this beautiful little chapel and prayed and then enjoyed a few minutes in this beautiful sun room.
My dad was full of life today(unlike yesterday) and he was singing and I just ENJOYED MY DAD!!! (TEARS IN MY EYES) These are the moments I will treasure for a lifetime.
My other brother didn't even go see him on his birthday , but he knows where my dads car is to use it, he's been using it without my dad knowing since he's been in the nursing/ rehab and he didn't even drive it over to see him for his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I honestly hope god isn't sleeping and see's what he's doing to my dad (same brother that locked him out on Christmas)!!!!!!!!!!
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    emoticon I am glad that you had a good visit with your Dad!
    1758 days ago
    great standing up for your dad and keping your promise way to go, you are an amazing daughter
    1758 days ago
    OHOH I so relate as have seen workers that need out of that profession. Here it pays well so a lot of young girls go into it for the money end. Some are great some are like what you are relating. I have seen all that you have said done. I can't defend any of it cos it shouldn't be that way. I will say ( and it isn't right but is done) that oftentimes we do ( well I don't work anyore cos of my back) have to do one thing and they do have to wait. I know it isn't right and fair but I have had to say you will have to wait. We at one nursing home, had to have the meals on the floor between x and x. One time someone fell and 1 girl made them comfortable ( how do you do that when you are old and on the floor - pillow blanket) and as soon as the meals were passed the other went to help. I was totally disgusted cos most of those people would have said OMG go help joe.... but no rules and regs. as I said in a diff post about the ones in the hall asking to pee....
    It is sad that they don't usually have the workers, then the ones that do care get burnt out, have no other training so stay... I have yet to work in any home that had enough staff. One had staff but were so rotten to us that evryone would call in sick so we were left short anyway.
    I am so thankful that you are your dads advocate, a lot dion't have company let alone anyone sticking up for them. HUGS to you and dad and happy birthday dad, my dad turned 87 in Nov.
    I hope that they have been reprimanded and even more so learnt from this.

    My girlfriend wants to win the lotto and make a small home and have all her friends work there. She said it would have enough people, good meals and be like home. I wish she would win. I couldnt' do any heavy stuff but sure we would find something for me to do. I miss my residents.

    1758 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/30/2013 7:36:39 AM
    That is great that you are advocating for your dad. Sometimes we need to do that for our loved ones., As for your brother just remember that the Bible says that if you honor your father and mother that your days will be long. He will get what he sows.
    1758 days ago
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