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Fish or a Pot Roast, God Provides.. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Years ago I worked at a Rescue Mission and things were tight, as usual I was dieting and didn't have the money for the right types of foods and though I had plenty of God Father's Pizza donated, ..I wanted something healthy and good and no money to buy it with. (My job as the Woman's Coordinator, meant that I lived in the Women's quarters, and ate what they ate..) Workers had special foods [not enough to feed everyone so certain things the staff got] I was living on cornish game hen's and quickly losing my appeal for them. emoticon

One day I went to the main kitchen [I had my own apartment in the building] and I asked if they had any fish, they said NEVER .. no-one ever donated their catch of the day emoticon and basically, I was told don't bother asking again because it just doesn't happen. Well, I went back to the apartment praying all the way, "God, why can't I have some fish?" .. I walked into my apartment and the phone was ringing, the cook said, Lynn, come back to the kitchen we got your fish.. and there standing at the back door of the main kitchen was a fisherman with 3 BIG River Trout. Ask God for a fish HE won't give you a stone. You say you can't afford the cost of a healthy meal, have you asked God to provide?

I live on the same old thing every week, chicken breast [to last a week] and extra lean burger, and fast food because it's cheap, but, I've been wanting to eat less sodium and healthier then we've been doing as we're getting older and I think it's important to eat cleaner, less processed, etc.. Frankly, I USE to like to eat out and normally, we do, but it's not the healthy stuff.. it's cheap high sodium [off the $1 menu], etc.. can't afford to eat high on the hog every day if we're going to have the money to do what God is calling us to do; So, ..a good pot roast, is something I might get once or twice a year, too costly if you ask me.. but, deep in my heart I've been longing for clean eating and wishing we could have more steak and some pork chops and A BIG OLD POT ROAST. Well, today I got it all.. God KNEW MY HEART and HE sent EVERYONE OF these unspoken desires and that without me even asking...

So, commit this program to God and seek to eat what's good and watch HIM provide for you/us!
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