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The Rope Trainer

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our gym added some new equipment late last year and a couple pieces in general are going to be my go to for cardio for a few weeks.

This rope trainer is amazing. One can sit or stand. The arm adjusts to change the rope angle which targets different muscles and there are 10 resistance settings (but unfortunately nothing easier than the first setting ).

I've only used it a few times and it is WORK! I started off all confident, like I can pull that rope down hand over fist for 5-10 minutes, no problem. Oh so wrong. The first time I tried it I put my head down to concentrate after only a few seconds and I didn't make it a minute. The next time I put the resistance on 1, the lowest and I made it 3 minutes before I had to stop for a break. After a break, I did it for two more minutes followed by a last long time-warped minute of hell.

Today I tried pulling up on the rope, but it felt awkward and I hated that I couldn't go fast. Obviously it's an area where I can make progress.

There many-many more combinations using rope angle, sitting/standing, pulling up/down, pulling with both hands or one at a time. It has turned in to the same sort of hate/love I have for stairs and that's a very motivating place.

I've also been working on adding more minutes on the upper body ergometer. I don't like this one at all - it is worse than the treadmill. It is a good work out and I find it difficult to go long periods of time at a fast pace.

I'm looking forward to improved upper body strength from this. I probably should take some before measurements and pics.

I'm loving how I've gone from dread to motivation. I didn't expect to find it in this disruption in my routine. I thought it was about enduring the inconvenience and the lower calorie range. I'm getting my eating in control and now it is about what I can and will get from this.

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