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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Well I have been honest with myself for 2 days and I am down 3 lbs, what a surprise lol 163.8 to 160.8 this morning. How can a number make us feel worse about ourselves? When I see a small number on the scale, I look in the mirror and think "Oh i look tiny, I am gonna dress cute today". When the number is high, I look in the mirror and think "Ugh what's the point, frump city here I am come". It's such an illusion we have in our heads. Someone who never reads my blogs is gonna say, Don't weigh everyday! Trust me I know what weighing everyday can do. I have been obsessive before, but that was yrs ago. Now I just do it to keep on track each morning. It only really ruins your day when your secretly working toward nothing to improve the number. Which was by lieing to myself with measurements. So anyway ya, been logging what I eat CORRECTLY or I go over to make sure I got it. I am on a break from my peanut butter and apples or celery at night. Instead I have been having my 100 calorie cups of ice cream an hr before bed. I savor it and eat it very slowly. I also keep them in my basement deep freezer so that I don't have to see them every time I look in our upstairs freezer. I can have ice cream without going overboard, I really can.

I finally got a run yesterday! 4 miles turned into 5 miles in the 50 degree foggy mist. It was an amazing gift to myself! I thought I was starting to hate running. I just hate running too much and sometimes 9 miles a week is too much. I feel like with running u gotta keep some kind of a schedule and I don't think it's true. Run when you wanna, run when u feel like it. You don't have to run a half marathon each yr. You ran 3, Congrats, maybe some other point in your life you will care to run one again. As long as u get running down pat, u could run 3 miles a week and it could be enjoyable. That's my goal for the yr, love running, don't dread it. I ran by a house yesterday where the people were kicked out. Everything they owned was all over the lawn, a lot of childrens stuff. Signs all over the windows saying no trespassing. Been seeing less of those kind of situations lately. When u see them though, they stick with u. Especially in the situation we were in, paying our rent and our landlord stopped paying the motgage on our rental and we didn't know til the bank sent us notices of being kicked out. Thank god we aren't renting anymore. What a nightmare.

I was walking into the gym on sunday for WERQ and stepped on to the sidewalk and fell on black ice. Punished for parking way the hell out where they don't salt. Got back in my car parked like 6 spots closer and went into class. Luckily the pain of the fall didn't really hit until after class, Success! Bruised my toe nail and bruised up my knee, oh well I guess we gotta fall once a yr to remember how much winter sucks. Lesson to self vibrams suck on ice and such even worse falling in them.
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    Yikes! I'm always afraid of falling. Glad you're okay!
    1848 days ago
    In HATE falling on ice it's so embarrassing to me! Especially so I think because I'm from Florida, and people expect me to not be graceful in the winter time. Being honest with myself is tough and that lack of honesty is what lead me to be 226 lbs. Just have to try our best is all! :)
    1848 days ago
    Glad your weather is warm enough for you to return to running! But watch out for that ice!
    1849 days ago
  • THESB25
    Your ways of weighing daily have really helped me stay on track a lot - I think it works for some and not others. Ouch about the black ice...I used to fall all the time in parking lots when I was in high school on black ice...darn asphalt. I'm trying to get my weight down so running isn't so painful. I'm the worst at :just: watching what I'm eating (I'd much rather eat something I shouldn't and work out), but I've been focusing on foods. Nate is doing a 30-day diet which includes high proteins, legumes, beans, veggies, and egg whites. I've been following suit as a support. It's a weird diet because it doesnt let you have peanut butter because it says it's too easy to eat too much....funny you mentioned it because I totally see myself eating too much peanut butter.
    1849 days ago
    I'm enjoying this warm weather before the storms come and I bet you are too.

    You lose weight really well when you stay on plan. I'm not sure what my plan should be any more.

    I seem to fall almost every year at some point and sometimes I get injured pretty bad.
    1849 days ago
    Great blog! It is sometimes funny how we measure self worth..I always wanted the best for my girls and this blog reminded me of a guide I used that if the the behavoir, item etc.was not up to the standards I had or would want for was not for me either!
    1849 days ago
    It is true. I give the scale so much power over me.
    1849 days ago
    I like your blog today, it's so true be honest with yourself about your eating. It makes a world of difference. Good for you for being honest with yourself.
    My husband has been weighing everyday, and I just don't see how he does it. We are both in the process of losing, so I don't see how that helps him. I am trying to only weigh once a week. I imagine, though, I'll weigh myself more when I get to my goal or close to my goal.
    I hope you learn to absolutely love running this year! :)
    We are renting a house, and we were super afraid the guy was going under. Luckily it's been fine, but it is scary. I feel sorry for all those people dealing with that. I can't imagine.
    Ouch! Sorry you fell. But way to go for going on in anyway!

    Hope you have a great day girl!
    1849 days ago
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