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General life update!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ok, I know I said that when I usually skip a bunch of days on spark, things are going badly. Fortunately, that's not the case this time!

I've just been a slacker, sorry!

The Brother has gone down to Austin for another three days. That's cool. It means I don't have to worry about cooking for three. What usually happens is I cook dinner for The Husband& myself, and make sure there's enough for a third plate. The third plate goes in the fridge, and when The Brother comes home from his closing shift around 10 or so, he eats whatever he can find in the fridge.

I don't have to worry about that for a few days!

I also don't have to worry about him and his food temptations... but honestly? I'm over it! I started feeling like things were back under control a week or so ago, but I was still eating at the top end of my range. These last three days or so have been fantastic, though! I've been eating at the bottom of my range, and I haven't been feeling snacky for candy. I think it was just really hard all this time because I kept eating it. THEFATCAT suggested I needed to detox for a while, and boy was she right! When I followed FRACKTHATNOISE's suggestions about tubs and getting the junk away from me, I had The Husband drag it all into The Brother's bedroom. I knew that if I had to handle it, I'd stick my hands in it before it even made it into the bedroom.

Honestly, I have been in it since then, but they've been measured 50cal portions, and I've been totally ok. I'm working on not having any at all, but those sweet tart hearts are so tempting! The last two days, I've had 50cal (8 candies) after lunch. Honestly, that's not even a handful for that many calories, so I know I need to get away. I could have half a cup of grapefruit for that!

So, I'm working on it.

I've been doing really well about not snacking between breakfast and lunch, making good lunch& dinner choices, and keeping the calories down, though.

BRB. The Nuggs just won't leave me alone.

Ok, the cats are fed. I can continue to blog in peace!

You know, Senpu has been eating a lot lately! He seems to be doing really well. He doesn't have to go back to the vet for a checkup for at LEAST another month or two. As long as he continues to do this well, we might have him for a few years yet! He's been finishing most or all of his food consistantly for a few weeks now. Last night, I guess he finished it all pretty early, and he was starving this morning. He woke me up around 6AM by smacking me in the face and trying to shove his paws in my mouth. He is devilishly smart when it comes to things like that sometimes.

ANYWAY! Where was I....? Oh yeah! Food! Food has been great lately. I figure if I can stay at the bottom of my range the rest of the week, next Weds I can hang out with The Brother and go almost anywhere with him without feeling too guilty. I'll be able to fit in a slightly higher calorie day. Just one less-than healthy meal, though. Next Weds, The brother has the day off, and got us a slot for a tour of our local whiskey distillery. I'm not a big fan of drinking any alcohol straight, so I probably won't be sampling much. I am, however, fascinated by the process, and like shiny copper things. The tour is only 10 bucks, and apparently the Balcones distillery is becoming somewhat famous! I had no idea we had such a lauded distillery here in our town! They are kind of famous for the blue corn whiskey they are making, as well as a "smoked" one. They make it with some secret process, and no one can figure out how they do it.

Anyway, that's next week, not this week.

This week, I don't have a lot on the schedule. I'm hoping to continue my awesome food streak, and keep the exercise up. I haven't been tracking it, but I've been slipping a few minutes of weight training in here and there in addition to the bike. When The Workout Partner is here, I'll sit and chat with her on the bike while she spins, but sometimes I'll do some armwork, etc. Since I'm not doing the DVDs currently, I am a little worried about losing my muscle, so I've been getting it in where I can.

I've noticed a definite downward slope on my weight charts over the last two weeks! Yay!

It's really hard for you guys to get an idea of it when I only update with real losses. When things are going badly, I may not get to update a substantial loss for weeks or months! I know I "only" posted a 1lb loss, but that's not really the full picture of how awesomely I'm doing, I swear!

The scale was stubbornly hovering around the same 3-4 pound area for a long time. Not a plateau.. just me not doing the right things. I knew I was having trouble with food, so I wasn't really surprised. Just look at the last two months of only (-2) on my monthly weight loss log! And really, -2 for last month was kind of a miracle. Month 11 is not over yet, and I'm already going to be able to mark (-3) ! And I still have some time left to lose a little more. I'm finally far enough away to say that even in the middle of the day, I don't have to worry about seeing the 190s anymore. This morning, the scale couldn't decide if I was 183.4 or 182.8. So, I logged 183.2. After a quick trip to the bathroom, it really was 183.2 :P

PSA: Always weigh yourself at the same time under the same circumstances! I suggest only wearing a T-shirt& panties, weighing in the morning, and only after you have peed, pooped, and voided any other fluids you no longer want.

Man.. imagine what the scale would say if I haven't been so constipated lately?? I bet I'd be in the 182s! I am drinking soooo much water and eating all these veggies. WHYYYY, butt?? WHYYY

Yup, things are looking good. I'm starting to feel like I'll see the 170's pretty soon, and it feels good. I have a notepad on my desk with my weight goals written down in it. 174 has stars, sparkles, underlining, and all sorts of marks all over it. For my height, 174 is "just" overweight, and you have no idea how excited I am to get down there. It won't be this month, and there's a good chance it won't be next month, but it will be soon!

The weight loss started back up in earnest has caused a few things to become more noticable. My ring has been getting loose again. It had been for months, but it got to the point where it was spinning around my finger loosely when my hands were cold. I tried pulling the blankets up in bed the other day, and it went flying across the room. I decided to go get it resized again. It's been MAYBE 6 months. Maybe not quite that long. I went down another full ring size! WHAT THE HECK? Hey upper arms, thighs, and belly! Don't make my fingers do all the work! Why am I losing fat in my fingers first?!??!!? Not cool!

So last year, around this time, my wedding ring fit perfectly. When it was hot out and my hands swelled, sometimes it was a little uncomfortable. It was a 7 1/2, and it had been sized up at least once. Twice, if you could the time it was initially sized at purchase.

I should be getting my ring back in a week or two. It will be a 5 1/2.


It just blows my mind. I've never been a 5 1/2. It almost kind of bothersome, because the way it's coming off is wacky. It's definitely not coming off the way it went on! lol. It's just a reminder that even if I slim down, things won't be where they were when I was young with no self esteem issues, and happy with my body. In fact, I'm pretty sure everything will be sagging at least 2 inches lower! LOL

So, once again, I raided my jewely drawer for some sort of surrogate ring for the next two weeks. It worked last time! I just found something that was slightly smaller so that when I felt my finger, I wouldn't freak out about the lack of a ring there. I had a serious problem this time, though. NO surrogate! Not even my highschool graduation ring fits anymore. That makes me.. pretty sad! I know I should be happy, but now not a single ring I own fits properly!

Sure, the vast majority of them are costume jewelry type items, but there are 4 that I am probably going to have to get resized if I ever want to wear them again:

Highschool ring (Probably won't get resized. I mean srsly. Proud of graduating? Sure. Want to ever remember anything about highschool again? Noway. My sister in law laughed when she was looking through old yearbooks and found out I spend a few weeks dating Brent. -..- WE WERE BOTH WHITE IN A PREDOMINATNLY HISPANIC SCHOOL. COME ON, IT WAS INEVITABLE. It didn't work out anyway, because the dude was a crazy LARPer who thought he was the highlander....... BUT THAT IS FOR ANOTHER TIME)

College graduation ring... I am probably a little more proud of this, and much more likely to wear it. This one is gold. I should resize this one.

Highschool grad ring 2.. This one was a present from my grandmother. She took me to the mall and let me pick something out. I am pretty sure it's real silver, but with lab created sapphires and cubic zirconias or something. I actually have no idea. They could all be real stones! It's gotten a bit tarnished, though....

Gladriel's ring from LotR- This one was a Christmas present from The Husband a few years ago! It's a size 7, and is sadly too big. I think if it was a 6, it would be fine on my right hand, but it's actually too big for the right hand now. It's from the Noble Collection, so I'll have to check the website on it, but I'm pretty sure it's silver also. I really don't own that many "real" precious metal/stone jewelry, so I try to take care of what I have. I don't know if this one is able to be resized because of the wacky band design. It probably can!

Honestly, the idea of resizing everything is a little scary, though. No, I don't ever want to go back to being the size I was. But there's something kind of formal about paying to get something like a ring resized. It's a sense of finality, etc.

Plus.,. 5 1/2 seems freakishly small to me and I'm already nervous about getting the ring back and having it not fit like the sizer did.

And what the heck is an average female ring size anyway? 5 1/2 seems so small.. I mean.. what if my fingers keep shrinking?? Do I go wear children's jewelry?!?!

My adjustable costume rings won't adjust small enough to fit on my finger right now!!!

As you can tell, it's all freaking me out. How can my thighs still be this big, and my finger so small? :P

Anyway, I FINALLY found a surrogate ring. It's really sad. Are you ready?



It's a children's mood ring I found in hidden in the back of a jewelry box my mom gave me when I was in highschool. Yes, it's adjustable. And yes, I had to pinch it smaller than where the two edges met. ARGH!

This just doesn't seem right, yo! But, as you can tell from the photo, the ring is green and my fingers are freezing :P

Also, please note the freckle in the middle of my hand by the index finger tendon. See that freckle? I freakin' love that freckle. I have a few that I really love. I love that one, the one next to my navel, and the one on my right wristbome (though, that may be a really flat mole..) They are all cute. This one is kind of in the shadow on this photo, though, but I hope everyone else can appreciate how cute it is, too :P

I could have sworn there was more I was going to type about, but this silliness has gone on long enough, and it's about time I get on the bike.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm glad to hear that things are on a positive trend for you this week! Small steps are best! Even if you can decrease your candy eating fifty calories at a time until you've weened yourself completely, then that's great!

    It's good to hear that your cat is doing better too!
    1847 days ago
    That blog put a smile on my face. I especially love the tips for weighing yourself. Totally get it though - right there with ya. And those crafty cats ... LOL. Thanks for sharing.
    1847 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Thanks for the update - hey at least you have a stand-in ring for now!
    1849 days ago
    I am so glad to hear that Senpu is doing better! I know went my cat isn't feeling well, I freak out. And it was nothing like Senpu was going through!

    The distillery sounds so cool! I'm like you, not a drinker, but love to see and hear about the history and process of it. I am a huge Moonshiners fan! I am addicted to that show!

    Great job on losing the weight! Isn't it weird were it hides?

    Keep up the great work! Hope you are doing well and everything is good!
    1849 days ago
    Glad to hear Senpu is doing so well! I hope you get as much quality time with him as possible. I'd say spoil him rotten, but I'm sure you do that already!

    Jewelry...that's one of the things I never really think about, but when I do decide to wear some, it's difficult to find bracelets and necklaces that actually fit. I have no idea what my ring size is...I sold my wedding band (never got an engagement ring) and I haven't really had enough money for basic costume jewelry. I would like to change that though. Maybe that's something I'll use as a goal. Maybe I should also try on my high school ring. I'm curious now as to what size I am.

    The part about your high school Brent totally cracked me up. My boyfriend's name is Brent, and while I don't think he's a LARPer, the idea of him thinking he's the highlander is cracking me up. He is a total geek though, so maybe he has some kind of secret LARP life I don't know about ;)

    1849 days ago
    I know what you mean about the constipation thing! I went from pooping every day to pooping once every 3 days. I seriously think this has something to do with my weight loss stopping, but I've been eating tons of fruits and veg and making sure I get my minimum fiber in! What the hell body! I have cut way back on eating yogurt though, so maybe I need to resume that. As for ring sizing, it makes me sad to size things down. Not because I am sad my fingers are smaller, but because I know how much that tiny chunk of gold they removed costs!!!! Sure I got MY sizing for free because I work in a jewelry store, but they removed 1/5 of my ring in the process. That's like $200 worth of gold... just GONE to me now. Oh well.. I'm down from a ring size 10 to an 8, I'll probably be a 7 by the time this ordeal is over.

    Glad you're doing well diet and exercise wise!!! emoticon
    1849 days ago
    Man, Pomato, I love reading your blogs. They always make me feel better.

    I'm sending ALL my mojo in your general direction for continued success!

    Also - I'm pretty sure Nenya can be resized. I know the band is a little wonky; but, if someone is careful they should be able to get it. Or, you can be ghetto fab and wrap tape around the inside of the band :-P

    I actually own the ring of Barahir (Aragon's ring) - sure, it's a massive men's ring; but it is MADE OF AWESOME.

    Here's to the start of an awesome week!
    1849 days ago
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