RE: I'm Back Again, After A 10, Day Break (,Thursday 17th January, 2013- Monday, 28th January 2013,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

RE: I'm back again, after a 10, day break (,Thursday 17th January, 2013 - Monday, 28th January 2013,) caused by, the snow fall, bad weather that we had 2.

The reason i, had this long, break was when, ever we get, bad Snow Falls, etc etc my, luvly luvly Family, get concerned about, me having an, Accident eg Broken, Leg Broken Arm, etc etc & as you all, know i live, in a luvly, luvly Top Flat, lol lol which, is looking good.

Plus yesterday was, a very very special, day it was, my Mum's (Mary), 65th Birthday &, we all went, out 4 a, luvly luvly, meal !!!! !!!! so bang went, my (DIET) lol, lol lol lol.

I shall tell, u more about, Mum's (Mary) Birthday, in my next, Blog that i, write down next. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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