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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I was thinking a little while back about the rate of weight gain I must have experienced over the years to get to my top weight of 382.2 pounds and it seems the reality is a little bit more surprising than I thought.

Iíve always thought of my weight gain as something that happened in giant lumps piling on a pretty good clip, but the reality is that when I look at my approximate weight on a year-to-year basis, itís not quite what I expected.

I apparently didnít get to 382.2 pounds overnight. It wasnít one binge that did it, one particular pizza or one bag of chips.

Of course I could have told you that before, but I just wasnít quite aware of the fact that what was really happening was that my weight wasnít coming on in giant lumps, it snuck on to my hips as if it was on a stealth mission.

Of course the very fact that I was aware of it was testament to the fact that it wasnít all that sneaky, but what really was sneaky about it was that apparently I was only gaining about 10 pounds per year for a while and then about 11 pounds per year in the more recent years.

Thatís less than a pound per month.

Those sneaky little pounds. I donít know about anyone else, but at my weight, one pound sneaking onto my waistline in a month wasnít anything to get shocked over, it was something to be expected, only I hadnít really thought about the numbers.

The problem is that when you add one pound per month over the course of many years, it just keeps piling up and up and up until whatís left is a giant mass of fat that has to be burned.

It looked sometimes as an insurmountable feat, the whole concept of having to lose all that weight, at least until recently when I joined SparkPeople and found that really losing the weight wasnít all that hard.

If I had only known all of this a little bit sooner.

I think aiming for an earlier goal of not gaining 10 or 11 pounds a year would have saved me a lot of trouble in the end.

Now I know what to be aware of when I finally meet my weight-loss goal and enter the maintenance phase of my journey.

I guess Iíll just need to remember that I canít let even 10 or 11 pounds weight gain stay permanently or I may just end up where I was to begin with.

That would be truly disheartening.

Fortunately this realization comes to me at a time when this kind of information isnít all that disheartening. Thatís because Iíve already shed a few years worth of weight gain and Iím bound and determined to shed some more.

Iíve turned back the clock as it says on my SparkPage.

Iíve turned it back about 4 years and some odd months.

So my body has returned to year 2009. Yippee!

I wish I could say I was getting younger at the same time, but Iím sure at least chronologically, it doesnít work that way.

Medically, I guess it could be argued that I am getting younger, thatís of course if you consider what my age would have been based on the state of my health.

Iím not sure I want to know that number at the moment, but I did peak at it once online, I think probably a couple years ago.

I seem to recall that I went to and took their test. The result: I was old.

Iíll have to look that up again sometime I guess.

It would be interesting to see what they say about the reduction in my age since Iíve started losing the weight.

Maybe Iíll take that test again when I get out of the 300ís and into the 200ís.

Iíll be there soon enough.

Iíve had some bumps in the roads recently, first my minor holiday blip I mentioned in a previous blog, but also recently when my water and sewer pipes froze.

Itís been an interesting week. I finally have my water and sewer back, thank goodness!

But itís interesting how a problem like that can bring a bit of reality and a bit of challenge to my everyday life.

So what really would that do to affect my week?

Well try this: I couldnít cook anything that required water, so certain produce items sat uncooked in my fridge.

I also couldnít drink my water, so my water consumption was a bit limited, but then again, that was my fault.

Then there was the issue of working out. I havenít quite gotten the workouts I had planned because itís quite terrible having to come in to the office smelling like a sweat stain and looking like I have sweaty, matted workout hair.

You see, I couldnít shower. Not without water. Ick.

I couldnít do my laundry which was coming due to wash pretty soon.

Then well, itís actually pretty hard to fall asleep in a house where the toilet doesnít flush. It turns out the nose doesnít let a person fall asleep so easy under such circumstances. It seems it prefers to send a signal to the brain that says, ďSomething is wrong; this house stinks!Ē

Clearly. What a stink!

Iím glad thatís gone.

It wasnít pretty.

In fact the very idea is revolting me at this very minute.

So I guess Iím grateful for plumbers who come out on a Sunday to fix frozen pipes and frozen sewer lines.

Iím back in business again. I can shower and wash my clothes, and thank goodness, I can flush! So I think Iíll be getting some good nights sleep from here on out.

Or so I hope.

So whatís the plan for recovery from this adventurous week?

Well I think Iíll be doubling up on my workouts until I get caught up.

And I think Iíll cook that produce I bought not so long ago.

Iím still drinking bottled water because the plumber said I probably shouldnít drink my water for a few days because it wasnít looking quite right yet. Iím using one of those 2.5 gallon jugs to keep me filled up on water. I keep a couple of those jugs on hand for situations just like this.

Iím glad I do!

And Iím also glad this little adventure is over!

What a sigh of relief!


***NOTE: The photo above is what happens to "windswept hair" when it actually gets "windswept," gets reworked with my fingers and sits for a while, not really the look I was going for, but okay, if Mother Nature thinks it works, I'll go with it for a little while until I can get to a brush!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    p.s. I like the windswept look!
    1338 days ago
    What a relief for you to have your water and sewage system back in full funtioning order! I love your blogs, so open and honest! Keep writing no matter what as you are one very talented lady and sure bring a smile to my face! I look forward to your blogs! emoticon
    1338 days ago
    I loved reading this blog. So very insightful and you have a very nice sense of humor shining through. I admire you positive attitude and honesty. Please keep writing blogs. I love to meet real people on here and those are the ones that make all the difference to me and my often lack of motivation.
    And I am very happy you got your water issue resolved. We are a very dependent bunch of people aren't we?
    1340 days ago
  • 3016DEBRA
    emoticon You can do anything you set your mind to! emoticon emoticon
    1341 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    1341 days ago
  • JASI27
    Very true. More people need to realize this and realize it comes off just as slowly as it came on. Glad things are looking up for you and wish you the best of luck on your journey.
    1341 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1341 days ago
    Oh the water thing ---how horrible -- I know you are sooo glad that is over.

    What you said about the weight gain.....I thought about it and me too!!! I had the same thought process thought--- it came on in chunks. I know what I weighed when my daughter was born and she is 12. So that means I gained 90-100 lbs in 12 years!! Like you about 10 lbs a year.... You are right, that is what we have to watch out for after we get to our future weight. It is not the mega meals that do it; it is the sneaky little lbs from soda, those extra chips, those little extra desserts....the daily extras we have cut out and are managing to live without. Great insight!
    1341 days ago
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