Week 1 - down 7 lbs

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 1 went on FOREVER and I was off protocol almost every day. I often skip my veggies and I know that's bad... at least I'm not eating bad things instead. The hunger was awful though ... to the point of painful.

This week I spent more time on a plan and prepped some veggies for today and tomorrow. I like the soup with mashed up broccoli in it and I got the go-ahead to eat green beans for dinner since I loathe veggies so much. I keep forgetting the evening supplements. Ugh.

I did learn to enjoy peppers for the first time; we had a pepper beef meal that was wonderful and I had green peppers on my salad today. They were the most exciting thing on my plate. I consider that an amazing step in the right direction! What veggie will I conquer next????

Seven pounds is a darn good start. And my blood sugar levels are way down. Early last week I had a 280. This evening I got a 98. Huge progress.

I'm excited to see how this week goes!
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