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Monday, January 28, 2013

So, I'm working as an independent contractor with some of my clients from my last job (bonus, it REALLY pisses off my old bitchy boss) and we had a negotiations session today. I knew it would get contentious, and I warned my team, but apparently they thought that meant we would disagree...not what I suspected would be the case.

One exchange between myself and the other side's negotiator (OSN):

OSN: You need to leave the room and come back when you've learned how to negotiate!
Me: Actually I was about to leave the room until your team can control themselves and address us with a modicum of professionalism and respect.
OSN: I've been negotiating contracts since before you were born!
My client: And yet, you're still wrong.

Thank GOODNESS my client has my back, because they were trying to undermine me with every word. And thank goodness I had the best instructor in the world (my fiancee has been negotiating contracts like this for 30 years). But I still feel like I've been through a ringer.

I didn't have time to make dinner, the 96 year old ended up doing we had hotdogs cut up in spaghetti. Still, he so rarely does for himself I was kind of impressed. AND the fiancee's jackass son actually asked me how my day went and was *gasp* civil!

I actually have a TON of work to do for this client over the next week, and I picked up a pretty significant motion to draft for another attorney, so a bunch of hours there, AND I still have another client that I need to get prepared for! Still, better busy than not busy...and I'm making enough money that opening my own shop is a real possibility,

I AM supposed to start week two of 30 day shred today. I took yesterday off because there was so much going on and I really shouldn't take today off too but seriously...No, I have to do it because I almost definitely won't be able to on Friday either. Argh. Maybe I'll take a nap for couple hours and do it at's before midnight!! :-)

So the other thing is that I need to lose as much as I can as fast as I can so I can buy a wedding dress. I think we're getting married September 21st or so, at my grandparent's house, which I love (see a post a while ago) and then taking a cruise to the Mediterranean for our honeymoon.

Oh yeah, and I'm going skiing for a week in February, the last week in February and I haven't skiied in about a decade, maybe more. And I'm 40 pounds heavier. I'm sure I'll be faster tbhough, thanks gravity! But I also need to be much much stronger to make it worthwhile. I'm a little tired of my fat directing my life though, so I'm just going to do it.

Okay, really the last thing here...I really wish that some of you could come to my wedding. I realized recently that I have very few personal friends. I'm thinking that I need to be more social and keep track of people better, I have a lot of former friends, but mostly just keep track of them through facebook, which does not a bridesmaid make. My sister is my maid of honor, and I'm hoping a good friend of mine from law school will be a last minute bridesmaid (she's having a baby in April, so she won't be able to do anything, but I'd like to have her stand up for me). Other than entire wedding guest list is family. I feel lame.But I moved away from my college friends for law school, I moved away from my law school friends to come home, then I worked a job 80 hour a week and my friends were all people I worked with...a.k.a. lawyers. I'm engaged to someone a generation older than me, who also doesn't have many doesn't lend itself to meeting new people that are actually interesting and don't do a heck of a lot of coke.

Alright, enough enough! I have a half a glass of wine that I'm going to save for my reward after week two day one 30 day shred! Measurements tomorrow! No weight though, my scale and my fiancee's scale are about 1.5-2 pounds apart so it looks like I've gained over the last week and that's just not possible.

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    Been there done that with bitchy supers and doing it now so I love a snappy comeback and as a team even better. Glad you are still trying to be positive throughout it all. I'm sure your social working will pick up by the time the big day happens and even if it doesn't you already have the best person there....the groom. So keep being you and keep blogging. I appreciate your story, feels like my own. emoticon emoticon
    1852 days ago
    You are so NOT lame. Look at how you're making it work despite the b*tchy boss firing you from your last job! I'm proud of you!
    1852 days ago
    I'm thrilled that your contract work is going so well! It can be nervewracking to lose a job like that, but it sounds like you are really holding your own. I really admire how levelheaded you were during those contract negotiations, but I'm a pretty non confrontational person by nature. Lawyer was never in the cards for me ;)

    I'm the same way with only a few close friends. It's pretty much B and my best friend Char. I have a few others, but we are all usually so busy it's hard to get together. I keep telling myself I need to get out more and socialize, but it's not really my nature to do that. I'm sure we'll all volunteer to be bridesmaids ;) You can get a laptop and set it up at the altar, and we'll stand in via webcam emoticon

    I hope you are able to get some workouts in this week. Even if it's only half of the 30Day Shred workout you're supposed to do. It's all about flexibility and being active with the schedule you are working. The weeks you have a little more time, do extra. Weeks you don't, just focus on getting some activity in. Just don't wear yourself out and get burnt out with everything. emoticon
    1852 days ago
    Wow - you really do have a ton going on. Best of luck keeping it together. Schedule yourself out and hopefully it will all work out.

    Congrats on the dress and wedding. And don't worry about "who is standing up". I still talk to 1 out of 5 - not because of anything other than growing apart. It really is ok.
    1852 days ago
    Big Fat Snuggley emoticon
    1852 days ago
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