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Whats Got Me Down

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ok, so as much as I might try to deny it, I feel a little bit down.

You may look at my ticker and think its because I aint loosing weight... Well I think I am loosing weight, havent been able to weigh myself since I started out and I am loosing inches.

So WHY the discouragement?? Its that my body is SO DIFFERENT than it was before my pregnancy.

Before my pregnancy my limbs could stretch any which way, my hips were small and fluid, and my core and back were firm and stable. emoticon Now it all feels backwards. emoticon

My hips are stiff and get 'stuck' when Im trying to move. I am having trouble engaging my core like I used to- like theyve been over-stretched (hello! had a baby in there!). My lower back is always wanting to jut out and my upper back to hunch.

I did exercise while pregnant, just not like I used to do. Pre pregnancy I trained. I trained. I was always active doing dance, running, weights, pilates or barre for at least an hour. It was just part of what I did as an instructor.

I was told by dancers that my body would change through pregnancy and I would just shrug them off (as if I were different...) but it has changed. A lot.

Well first things first-

Im only three months out from whats easily one of the most traumatic things Illl ever go through physically (can you say 24 hours of back labor on top of 48 hours of prodromal labor..... Id do it again in a heartbeat for this little boy though :) ). I mean, thats like an injury. Many pro athletes who are training their whole day will easily take a year before returning to the field.

So I am giving myself a break. Ill at least see where Im at in 9 months. I know I may never be the same- and thats ok. I may, however, just be surprised by how much improved Ill be come July- 9 months out from the birth.

SO what can I be doing to ensure that my body gets the rehab it deserves?? What practical steps?

I think I need to take HEALING seriously. Ive been jumping back into working out like nothing happened- when it did. I need to think 'rehab' not just 'get in shape' or 'loose weight.' After all, my goals have so much to do with performance of activity, not just appearances.

So what will my REHAB Bootcamp 2013 look like??

1. Drink LOTS of water. Ok, not like drowning out the vital electrolyte balance. But as nursing mom who is very active I really do need inane amounts of liquid to keep thinks supple and lubricated.

2. Eat for recovery. This means ample proteins and good carbs. I dont want to be flagging- I need the energy now to move and my body needs to continue to replenish the stores of nutrients lost through pregnancy and childbirth.

3. Flexibility- emoticon yoga is SO restorative in a way other flexibility training just isnt. This will be good for my soul. SO somehow I need to- really NEED to- just accept that I need to provide time for yoga, which will gently and carefully expand the spaces in my joints, allowing my ligaments to lengthen. Right now I cannot rely on ballet alone, I need the rehabilitative, holistic restorative practice of yoga.

4. I need to give my body time. I should not expect it to perform as it did yet- Ill just keep making minor adjustments to posture, daily gentle reminders to hold my core and extend through my full range of motion as I move through daily activities.

It is so hard to be patient with yourself- but what other choice is there? When you do all you can to help your body heal, there comes a point that you just have to let go and accept the pace that your body chooses to heal at- and that is a kindness I extend to myself. Right now. After all, at the end of the day we have no other real choices EXCEPT to be kind to ourselves. its the only viable, realistic option that will get us where we want to go.

Peace, friends. emoticon
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  • C-MERRIE11
    Seriously, ya'll rock. emoticon
    1756 days ago
    I don't think there is one mom that hasn't had your same thoughts. We all go through it and its hard. But you are doing something about it. You are taking good care of yourself and your baby. Your body will bounce back but it will take some time. Unfortunately we don't have personal chefs, trainers, or babysitters that make it easy but we at SP are here for you to cheer you on and help you get to your goals. emoticon
    1756 days ago
    You said it all right there....

    "...it is so hard to be patient with yourself-be kind to yourself"

    Your body will be back to how you felt it before you were pregnant, I have no doubt about that. Take a look at all the super sexy ladies who have had a baby (or babies) .. look at Tracy A., she has had 2 children, I am sure she didn't hop off the delivery room table and jump into one of her routines right away to get "teeny - tiny". (what a visual right?) lol

    I know it is frustrating when the tickler doesn't move downward, my little Bahama Mama has been stuck at 156 for months now, I am surprised she hasn't pulled up a chair and sat down by now.

    I know it is frustrating when your body is something completely different than what it used to be, all of us go through this. I get upset when I look at my double sized clothes now, only a few years ago I was in the single size numbers.

    Try not to get "un motivated" about it. Look at it from the perspective of a view from a bridge. The view from the bridge is a matter of perception, where one stands in relation to what's ahead, and what's behind. It's a matter of distance and vision, and the accuracy of both.

    There are numerous distortions between the eye that sees, and the scene it perceives. Inner and outer distortions that cloud the senses...
    so don't "see" now what "is" as being permanent - what used to be, or how something (your body) was... can be again, if you don't give up. Don't let the distortion of the scene "now" cloud what is ahead.

    Ahead lies the you that you have been use to. Sure it is going to take a lot of work, sure it is going to be a hard hill to climb, but it takes a lot of work to be a ballerina.....(look at what you have accomplished there).... to be a mother (again, look at that accomplishment).

    The view from the bridge is a personal one. All vision is limited or made illimitable by the viewer. There is always a middling point where all vision goes hazy and form loses its definition. It's like floating on a sea of shadows, colliding with some, passing through others...good days and bad.

    Change your view from where you are standing on the bridge right now, I'm sure you will find the motivation you need.

    I actually came over to say goodnight and thank you for your happy birthday wishes and nice comments on my photos and ended up in a deep metaphorical pep talk with you. Remember to take it easy on yourself, you are beautiful and if you are gentle with your body as well as with your soul... you will reach your goals in no time flat!

    1756 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/28/2013 10:15:21 PM
  • DALID414
    emoticon Namaste
    1756 days ago
    Time heals
    1756 days ago
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