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Work, Cravings? Tmi

Monday, January 28, 2013

So today at work we had to do inventory, and for anyone who hasn't had the privilege to work in retail, pretty much meant a day of wearing comfy clothes, counting and annoyance. I actually ate out for lunch having Chinese. Butterfly shrimp, and fried rice. And I even had a mountain dew. I know, naughty, naughty Shay. Frankly I think I did well for my calories for all except for the soda. I had less fried rice than I wanted, and kept putting my fork down between bites to give my stomach time to adjust to fullness or not. Hopefully it won't kick me back too far considering I was 227 this morning. I haven't officially recorded anything since Wednesday is my weigh in day. So crossies that that all goes well.

To be honest I'm a bit concerned about how well-liked I am at work cause honestly it feels like I have no allies with any of the managers. My own personal manager is a grouchy older woman who I'm positive could be a very nice lady outside of work, but at work it's very clear she has no intention of being someone's friend. The clothing manager and I don't get quite along because one day I had gotten a complaint against me. She did not handle talking to me very well. Now let me explain, I am the kind of person that when it comes to my work, I strive to improve. I will always ask questions, even if they are stupid, and I will always try to do better. Now, if I've done something wrong, Tell me. And tell me how to improve. Never, ever will it help me for you to try to make me feel bad. I feel bad. I feel horrible when people file complaints. I will go over and over the situation a million times trying to figure out which was the better approach. I will go through motions of guilt, shame, remorse, and finally acceptance. I messed up but it can be fixed. Period. But this manager didn't handle this that way, in fact she not only acted appalled ( which was a bit extreme for the actual complaint was about me coming off abrupt and rude) but tried to make me feel worse. That is not a motivator. I am not a child. A good manager listens to your side, tries to be understanding and then explains how are other ways to handle such situations. I wasn't trying to be rude, I would never TRY to be rude to anyone. But she didn't even seem to consider that.
Anywho, another manager dislikes me because I attempted to follow my training when selling her lunch and was trying to bag and tie it as I was trained. Quite honestly, she has never been very nice.
And even though work isn't suppose to be a popularity game, it feels like there's always a tension with most people there. I don't know. It's not exactly a hostile work environment. But it certainly is a stressful one.

Onward with TMI:
So mother nature is currently visiting. It couldn't have been more obvious than it was yesterday when the most powerful cravings for chocolate overcame me yesterday. I never crave chocolate. I don't even like most chocolates. I'm not really even a chocolate person. But there it was. And let me tell you guys, It tasted amazing. I indulged enough for 230 calories with some lindor chocolates and it. was. WORTH. IT. It really nailed the spot. Only concern I have right now is the fact that I keep having pains right where my left ovary is. I wonder if this is due to my new birth control or cramps. Either way I plan on making a dr.'s appointment to find out. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Well I'm off to do some portraits for a friend. Frankly I'm not looking forward to it and have been putting it off for a while now. Either way, what must be done, must be done.

Weekly goal: Try 2 new cardio work out on the Kinect.

Reward: New headphones.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm sorry that you are struggling at work. I've been in an uncomfortable situation like that before and like a previous poster said...compliments go a long way. I'm not saying suck up or anything but just kill them all with kindness. It may not work but at least you will know you tried. Good luck!
    1877 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    "A period without chocolate is like the Super Bowl without BALLS!"

    I just made that up, but it is true!!
    As far as the managers, keep in mind that none of them wants to someday end up working FOR you instead of the other way around. Intimidation and controlling behaviors are what keep them ABOVE you.
    The one older lady: How about asking where she gets her hair cut or tell her the color of her pants, shirt,etc really look good on her.. Not gushing, but stop, say it and smile, move on.
    Good luck..
    1880 days ago
    I think it's ok to take the monthly calorie hit just for the mental/emotional 'morale' boost emoticon ...then again I'm going through a similar situation as you (work stress + mother nature) and the chocolate I had today certainly seemed more divine than normal!!!
    Hope everything is fine with the dr visit. And just wanted to say GREAT JOB with the working out this week! Keep up the great work emoticon
    1880 days ago
    Having worked in retailed for the past 15 years I know exactly how you feel. I finally got out of it and I now have a job where there is not so much drama. Dont be too hard on yourself for the chocolate. We all have those craving every once in a while. Just remember moderation and you will do fine. Hope everything is ok. Keep us posted when you go to the doctor.
    1880 days ago
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