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Emerging from hibernation

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Monday, January 28, 2013

I seem to have been asleep for most of January. Apart from occasional forays to the front door to let in gas engineers (RIP my boiler, it finally died completely on Thursday last), I seem to have spent the month having colds and sleeping them off.

This wasn't helped by the weather, of course. You saw my last blog? Well believe me the snow looked pretty for a day, after that I wanted to return it to the shop and get my money back. It's a bit overrated, snow. There's a limit to the number of photos of snowy trees any normal person is going to want to take in a day, and I reached mine by 11am on the day it snowed.

So I've had my head under the duvet with a vampire novel (look, you want intellectual, don't come here) wearing a onesie.

The photograph is of my legs in a onesie. I would take a pic of the whole thing, hanging from the back of a door, but I don't want you blaming me for your doctors' bills. I managed to stay warm and to sleep about 12 hours a night, esp this last weekend when I went down with another cold.

And today I went to the gym and put in ten minutes on the treadmill which is quite good considering on Thursday I thought they'd be sending a man in grey pinstripe trousers and a frock coat round to measure me up any minute. Long way to go for ten minutes' exercise you say? Well yes, but they have nice hot showers at the gym, which is more than I have at home right now.

And on the way back . . . well, it's an atmospheric sort of evening here in London. You've heard me before on the rushing sound of the wind in the trees, well this evening there was that and the bellringers in the local church having a practice. It's windy and the temperature's up to about 10C. It was good to be out in it, I can tell you. There was a bit of rain in the wind and it didn't bother me at all, and there's a smell out there that is promising spring just round the corner.

And I stayed on track today for the first time in a fortnight.

Bring it on!
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