Monday, January 28, 2013

It's a new week I hope. I've done well with calories, my body is adjusting, but my appetite is not for some reason. I've tried water, fiber, protein toward the evening, but I think my mind is getting the best of me. I THINK that my 'hunger' is just a craving for something. My calories are aligned with Spark's suggestions and I really am eating a lot of wholesome and healthy foods. I reached out to the Coach and he said to eat closer together; he notices a pattern where, I eat a little in the morning (true because I work out and have a shake afterwards) and little in the afternoon and leave a lot of calories for evenings. This could be my mental mind saying "Ya got 1000 or so calories, fahget about it!, eat...". Who knows. That's why this is literally a human experiment.

I am on my way to exchange my heart monitor for the RS100 by Polar. Tonight is Howie Mandell at the Hard Rock in Hollywood! Awesome seats and the first major show for 2013. Just got tickets for Penn and Teller and Russell Peters as well.

Back to food - I really have been struggling (maybe not the right word) and pondering why I think about food all the time. Working - Food, Exercising - Food (Good food), Driving - Food. Why is this such a burden? No wonder I've ballooned up from 180 overnight. All I do is think and then take action on my thoughts. Wait a minute - If I were to think about exercising, does that mean that I'd take action on that? Ha!

Anyway, just a ramble but showing that I'm still in this game, motivated and trying to unravel the infinite wonders in my brain. What I do know is that I've gotta get back on my bike ride for the next 9500 miles. If I look at it that way, then it doesn't seem so bad. Hmmm. Could it be that easy? To get on a bike from Florida, ride to Los Angeles, say hi to some family, keep going to NJ to see my mom and then ride back to FL within a few years? Could my vision be this trip? Could I get some movies on you tube to convince myself that I am just riding cross country and then back to the East and then back home? This could be the most ridiculous thing I've written my entire life... But then again, isn't this all about making life easier for us and to embrace exercise and health?

I took responsibility for eating chocolate treats today. Too many. My conscious choice and it really wasn't as exciting as I thought. Just a sweet sensation in my mouth. Oh Well. I own it and am moving on although 2000 extra calories for the day. I own this, will weigh in tomorrow and own it; I own it, I own this, Nobody but me can change this.

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    You have some great blogs here. I hope you had fun on the weekend.

    I hear you about the chocolate, I found some leftover stuff from Christmas that belonged to the kids. Without even really thinking about it I popped a big piece into my mouth and started chewing. emoticon Thank God it was crappy quality chocolate, I actually spit it out in the garbage, 1) because it tasted like wax and 2) because I knew it would not help me in the end. I love how you say you "own" what you did. That is great, but I do hope it was good chocolate.
    1849 days ago
  • _BABE_
    I was taught that loading the beginning of your day with calories (most importantly protein) will stave off cravings later in the day. It's true once you let the hunger monster get a hold its difficult to play catch up ( probably physiologically the blood sugar thing)... the problem with psychologically wanting to keep lots of calories for the end of the day just in case you need them actually works to your detriment. emoticon
    1850 days ago
    Don't forget about the psychological aspect of meal time. Over years we have conditioned ourselves to eat at certain times of day and during certain events. It's our Pavlovian response. I try and explain to people that here in the states, most people have never truly felt hunger. What we feel when our stomachs growl is just it's response to our brain telling us that it's time to eat, because we always eat at this time or when this food is served. I say to try real hard to let those cravings and thoughts pass on by without acknowledging them, to break that Pavlovian cycle or psychological hunger. This will give you greater control over your appetite.
    1850 days ago
    What do you like besides food. it's obvious everyone on this site LOVES food. I found the secret for me is to find other things I love. Focus on them during that down time and soon your thoughts drift from food to these other non food related thing you love. It's worth a shot.
    1850 days ago
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