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Today is just one of those days...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Where everything is going right! (Crossing fingers, it's early still...)

Despite waking up with either allergies or a new cold creeping in, as soon as I got online I found that I'm being mentioned by name. I like going onto facebook to see what's going on with my friends and a few things that I follow. Today "Snarky in the Suburbs" wrote a thank you blog and it looks like I'm mentioned by name.
I love her blog, she's a great humorist!

I'm not sure what it is that makes me stick out in random people's heads, but I'm glad that I'm putting a positive influence out there.

The kids were calm and fed by the time I got up and pretty much got out of the home with few problems. (I did have to go back in for a folder, at least I got extra steps.)

There was a new GeoCache in my backyard this week, so I got it on my morning walk. One more under my belt and again, extra steps, it was more than a mile walk when I was done.

So now I actually feel like I can finish the laundry folding and do the dishes. I normally hate dishes, but with the good mood I was put in, I can finish any menial task put forth today.

I'm pretty sure that the scale will go with me again to be at the last weigh in that I recorded, so it won't be too off from my current tracker. I've been doing better keeping my calories in check the last couple of days. I should be within ranges again today, since I will be busy doing all the housework I've put off in addition to finishing taking down the Christmas tree I started taking down yesterday.

Here's to having the rest of the day go well! emoticon
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