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End of week summary

Monday, January 28, 2013

I kept putting this off and putting it off and putting it off. Because last week was not a stellar week in terms of diet. But there's no point in putting off the wrap up because I ate too much. I saw a sign on pinterest I liked that really covers this - it happened and my body knows it anyway.

So on with the summary. In one word: Beer. Everyday with a star next to it is a day where I had beer. And the number is how many. Whoa.

Calories In:
Sun: 1387
Mon: 1687 *2
Tue: 3243 *2 (there was also a totally unnecessary meal from Whataburger in there)
Wed: 1529
Thur: 2067
Fri: 2704 *3
Sat: 2264 *6
Goal: 1600-1650 per day. Reality: 2125. Whoa. And 1.8 beers per day on average. Whoa.

Calories Out:
Mon: Bench & hiit
Tue: Squats & yoga 10 min & hiit
Wed: OH Press & yoga 60 min & long run
Thur: short row & qi gong 15 min
Saturday: Long Row
Not Done: Deadlift day

I've got to find a way not to give excuses, but I still need to find reasons for why this week was so out of control. This is the best I can come up with:

*Time of the month cravings.
*Stress about internship stuff.
*Stepping up the workouts and doing two or three-a-days at the beginning of the week.
*Self-sabotage as vacation week & end of the challenge I'm in approach.

So my plan for next time these come up....

*TOM: plan in more indulgences this week. If they are planned I don't go so off the rails because I know I get a treat instead of feeling like I am getting away with something bad when I "cheat".
*Internship: Work on my report today. Email the preceptor this evening. Handle my sh!t.
*Workouts: Only do two-a-days for two days in a row from now on. No more hard workouts for three-days-in-a-row. And if I keep up this amount of working out when I get back from vacation, consider stepping up the calorie range a little to keep me satisfied.
*Self-Sabotage: This blog post actually. I'm not beating myself up or worrying about inherent-character-flaws. I'm examining the situation and making a plan for the future.
*Beer: No more beer at home for a while. Beer is for social situations until I get to 125lbs; then I can consider what my next minigoal will be.
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  • OTA_2012
    Thank you for being honest and holding yourself accountable! That is awesome right there. Write it down and it takes the power away.

    Maybe if you are experiencing stress to find other ways to deal with it. Perhaps try to not feed or hydrate stress with extra calories and brew. Meditation? Controlling emotions?? just thoughts/ideas.

    I'm challenged this week with the TOM thing. I was craving sugar so bad and before I would have went to Mc Donalds and "treated" myself to a meal. This time I went to the store, strolled the candy aisle. Moved from the bulk bagging to single serve candy. Then went from chocolate to hard candy. By the end of it, I put back the real bottle of Coke and got a Diet Dr. Pepper. Then ended up with a small single pack of Jolly Ranchers.

    That's a process but feel no guilt this morning knowing I couldn't do cardio yesterday because the good old TOM side effects:-)

    Hang in there! You are doing good!!!
    1872 days ago
    At least it looks like most days you got in some fitness. Maybe not enough to counter balance the calorie intake but still resonably frequent so that is a major positive.

    Beer, wine, whatever.
    For me it is not just the beer (or wine) it is the snacking I do with it too!

    Your game plan looks good though. (might try to join you in reserving the liquid calories for Social occasions)

    I think your TOM plan sounds reasonable. Planned indulgences really can prevent total derailments and needless guilt.
    1879 days ago
    Thank you for being so honest about your goals and when you achieve them or don't. Its so reassuring to read others' struggles that are so similar to mine. Thank you again!
    1880 days ago
    Having a plan is half the battle. Way to go. I know that I am so much better when I plan my week and my meals each day. Lately, I have been planning for my red wine intake as well.
    1881 days ago
    Sounds like a plan. you can do it.
    1881 days ago
    No more beer at home, I will consider joining you in that goal... I've been better lately, but when we first got our house and moved in I went a little crazy, drinking almost (probably) every night. Having spent 5 months living with my teetotaler father and then transitioning to being just myself and my fiance - both of us like to relax with a drink in the evening - and woah, scary. I've been somewhat trying to keep my beers and wine to just the weekend at least.
    1881 days ago
    1881 days ago
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