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Augustana TONITE!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fantastic day! Catching up stuff all day from our weekend at the cabin and then around noon, Kay and I head for Austin to play and shop and see Augustana. Hurraayyyy! I'm even taking Coda to school. Right now about the only thing that isn't wonderful on my list is that I lost my Ipod yesterday. I should have found it by now. I know for a fact that I took it out of my pocket and put it into my purse while in the car heading home. I haven't found it yet. I DID order a mattress pad for the Trinity bed like the one we paid a HUNDRED dollars for on our newest one. It only cost THIRTY FIVE dollars on ebay. I also printed out a map and directions for the cabin to the coast and it is less than two and a half hours! I told Ron he will be taking me many times this coming year and he didn't argue. This paragraph was written last. Enjoy the previous week starting now...

I'm pretty sure Ron and I have been freaking each OTHER out the past week and a half. He got the whole bedroom ceiling AND hall ceiling completed during the work week laat week before I came home Friday nite from my two year anniversary on the job. I found out the day before that I got a merit pay increase starting February one. We're in the state budget for the next two years so we hope that means we won't be closing in September. If we are, at least I will get more unemployment. Saturday we got new ceiling fans and the rest of the stuff to re do the bathroom because they had the ten percent off for Ron opening an accoint special. Then, we went oit to eat for our twelfth wedding anniversary this go round. We had been married before for just short of nine years. Instead of giving just two #sides of grilled veggies, they gave me a whole extra plate ! Saved that for the next day.

Every day starting last Saturday, I have gone crazy on organizing, rearranging, and theowing stuff out. Ron just mentioned clutter and it set me off cleaning out stuff I had always considered already done. I musta filled seven trash sacks including a big box of fpod that expired in 09. Moved the can recycle can and brooms and mops to the garage after throwing away boards and pipes we have hoarded forever. Finally took the bunk beds out of Zack's room after getting him a new bedframe. I even moved the ceiling tile to the garage today. Finally. Went to Mom's on Tuesday and came home to pick up a cord and leave straight for work. Ron was home. With the door locked. Puttimg up ceiling tile in Zack's room.

He's making us go to the cabin this weekend to plant plum trees. Then I'm off Monday and Tuesday to see Augustana in Austin with the lady I saw them and Counting Crows with in 08. Or 09. We might even spend the nite. I sure need time away from the Drama Llamas at work! Supposed to be seventy two degrees! AND I have lost sixty seven and a half pounds. Two and a half to my halfway mark. Yesterday's work drama threw me off so much, I didn't realize that instead of my regular meal, I had six medifast meals. Only 660 calorie intake for the day. Health coach said I didn't have to make it up...just don't do it again. Today, I wore my Cinderella (80's hair band) shirt to work which started a fifteen minute discussion of concerts on my boy's unit. Rad!

So now it's Saturday, and instead of four plum trees like he planned, we ended up with two each of fig, plum, peach, cheery, and a purple to lilac to white bloomong tree called yesterday, today, and forever. AND we got two rose bushes..George Burns is yellow, orange, red, and cream, and Love Song is deep lilac. So he's busy planting while I am actually in a tank top and shorts, in the rocker, on the deck, trying to catch a tan. Full on Spring in January with 77 degrees. I think Peggy was right when she said he may not say anything about my weight loss but he does seem to be much more agreeable. He isn't even griping about doing all the work. Of course, after taking off work Tuesday to put up a third of Zack's ceiling tiles, he ddn't work on that anymore wjen I had expected him to finish. Give and take. Now he has pretty much got me talked into buying the lot to the left of us so we can clear it out leaving only the pine trees for our view from the deck. Maybe I'll end up with a pond and waterfall out there. If we get it.

It actually HAS been a red letter day. He was joking at the time but truly, I really CAN'T remember the last time he gave me a compliment. When I finished putting on my makeup this morning he says, "You made yourself purty, now we can go." I couldn't pass that one up and put a shocked lok on and begged him to repeat himself to which his answer was an equally stunned expression. "You were already pretty before that stuff." So now I have a REAL story when they ask at work again. Aim't that pitiful?!?!?! Also pitiful is that I still can't get his eyeballs to judge distances like mine. We bought a big oval mirror to use as a full length for the bedroom in the cabin but he hung it so high that whether you stand right in front of it or across the room, the top one third is wasted and at most, full length MAY go as far down as waist level. Our transplanted pine tree is now 32" tall. Gonna start keeping track of it.

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