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Food Blog ~ Sunday 1/27/13

Monday, January 28, 2013

Yesterday was a good day for me. I woke up early and did not eat breakfast because I had a weight watchers meeting and I never eat before I weigh in. In retrospect I should have packed breakfast to eat afterwards, expecially since I was planning on going to trader joes afterwards to pick up a few things. I did not pack something though so I ended up not eating breakfast yesterday.

My weigh in went really well though. I lost two pounds which is great because I expected to gain weight after being sick for the past few weeks and being on all sorts of medications. So happy dance for me :-)

After weight watchers I stopped by trader joes. I have really been missing that store. I havnt been in months and months because I live about 30 minutes away from it and I have not been in that area in a while. Luckly the sunday morning meeting at weight watchers is right next to trader joes. I got some organic apples (because the apples I bought from the regular supermarket taste like pestiside.... really gross) and some salad greens, pea shoots, rice pasta, black beans, gluten free oatmeal and gluten free buns.... all really good stuff. I love trader joes. I can get a big bag of quinoa there for like $3.99 when a bag that is smaller cost about $5.99 at the regular supermarket. Im going to start going to the sunday morning meeting in Charlotte from now on which will give me a good excuse to pick up a few things each week. :-)
I was tempted to grab some organic chocolate on my way out the door. I was getting kinda hungry... but I didnt.

I decided to stop by Marshall's on the way home but when I got there it wasnt opened yet. I only had about 25 minutes or so until the store opened thugh so while waiting I walked a loop around the super target parking lot for 25 minutes instead of sitting in the car on my iphone for that time. It was pretty cold but it was nice being outside.

So I was at Marshall's because I really need a new pair of jeans. I am wearing yoga pants right now because nothing else fits me. I went to walmart and got a few pairs of yoga pants two weeks ago so I wouldnt have to keep tugging up the maternity jeans I was wearing before. I have been feeling really bad about my appearance lately though and figured an outfit that actual fit me would maybe make me feel a bit better. Well I found out real quick that I am not a size 14 or a size 16... Turns out I am now a size 18! I did not perceive myself as being that big again. I know its a far cry from the size 26 I was a few years ago but my mind had finally adjusted to being a size 8. Even though I know that I will get back there fast and my new little bundle of joy was worth it, I still cant help but be a little sad about it.
Long story short, Marshall's had two pairs of size 18 jeans that were on sale :-( ... One pair was skinny jeans, which I didnt really want and the other pair was still like $30 on sale. Between $10-$15 is all I am willing to spend on a pair of jeans I dont plan on being in for very long. So I left empty handed and still in Yoga pants. Sigh.

I got back home around noonish and was starving. I made lunch for my family and then made myself lunch. After that it was pretty much just business as usual. Nothing really eventful happened just feedings and diaper changes and quite a bit of TV watching. I had a good day though, I got some stuff accomplished in the morning, I got some time to myself and some activity in which really helped with the stress level which means less yelling at the kids, and I did really well with my eating and tracked everything.

Only thing missing was a good nights rest. I have not had one of those in so long. sigh. small steps.


Lunch - Turkey sandwich on gluten free bread with pea shoots and cranberry mustard. 1 cup fresh pineapple. 1 mozzarella cheese stick. - 8 points

Snack: apple - 0 pts
snack: kozy shack pudding - 4 pts
snack: grape fruit cup - 0pts

Dinner: 3 gluten free crispy chicken tacos with light blue cheese dressing and lettuce, steamed broccoli, brown and wild rice with veggies - 13 pts.

After dinner I was really hungry and I knew what I had planned (a gluten free cookie with ice cream) would not fill me up so I decided to eat a plate of veggies before hand just to add something else to my stomach before eating the treat I had planned.

snack: veggies & 1 tbls light ranch - 1pt

snack: Fresh baked gluten free cookie topped with vanilla ice cream - 7 pts.

(I have come to the realization that I cant bake a whole pack of gluten free cookie dough or I will eat all 12 cookies within one day. I now keep the pack in a freezer bag in the freezer and only pull out 1 ball of cookie dough on the night I plan on eating it. This has worked really well for me and gives me the chance to eat something I really really like without going overboard.)


A good day!
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