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A-Z About Me...

Monday, January 28, 2013

When I responded to a Spark Friend's blog of this same ‘questionnaire’ she hinted I might like to do my own version of it.

So here we are...

A - Available or Married: Available

B - Book: I started reading a book called "Paintracking" though unfortunately "Fibro fog" plays havoc with my concentration, so I keep reading a bit at a time and then leaving it for a while before coming back to it. What I can't resist is a magazine featuring Britain, such as "Britain", "Discover Britain", "This England" and "Country Life".

C - Cake or Pie? Depends what kind they are so I can sometimes equally fancy both!

D - Drink of Choice: Mostly sparkling water, and a chai tea.

E - Essential Item: My memory foam mattress/overlay. During the extreme heat we had - 45 deg Celsius - it made me feel even hotter so I tried sleeping on my pillow top mattress alone. I find out the hard way that my back and Fibromyalgia pain are many times worse without it!

F - Favorite Color: Not sure I would say there is just one. I like all the colours in the rainbow, though some shades more than others.

G - Game to Play or Watch: I love tennis (favourite player is Roger Federer); and cricket (always been a fan of both Adam Gilchrist and Mike Hussey - so sorry to see Mike retire from test cricket just recently, though I enjoy hearing him commentating - as he is right now on the T20 match at the MCG as I write this!)

H - Hometown: Adelaide, South Australia

I - Indulgence: Liqueur cherry chocolates or dark chocolate coated marzipan.

J - Job: I have been unable to work for some years, but in my time I have worked in the financial sector in foreign exchange and money markets, the community services sector as as a PA/Executive Assistant, and in the education sector as a TAFE sessional trainer in literacy and numeracy related modules. I was volunteering in our local community centre lunch programme before Fibromyalgia and Allodynia reduced what I have been able to do, though it took some time till I found out the cause.

K - Kids and Names: No kids. No pets currently though my profile picture is of my darling girl Coco (who passed over in Dec. 2008 - she was almost 18!)

L - Life is incomplete without: Friends, being able to be of service in some way, and having something to look forward to. And family, especially my dear Mum - though ours is almost all gone, which makes me very sad.

M - Music Group or Singer: Hmm, I don't think there is just one and my music collection is very eclectic. I like a variety of jazz, dixieland,world, Celtic, easy listening and 'boppy' music, as well as some classical pieces. Currently I am listening to one of the "Putameyo presents" series - Latin Beat.

N - Number of Siblings: One (brother).

O - Oranges or Apples? Well, I am going to say "O" for "Or...any other fruit?" and in this case my answer would be rhubarb, cherries and nectarines.

P - Phobias/ Fears: Being literally the last person alive in my family one day. I am not looking forward to spending Christmas alone when that time comes.

Q - Favourite Quote:

This is a long, one, taken from a lesser-known movie called "The Three Seasons" (made in 1999). It has some exquisitely beautiful spoken words, and this is one passage...

"Can anyone ever know how many stalks are in a rice field?
How many bends are in a river?
How many layers are in a cloud?
Can anyone sweep the leaves of a forest
And tell the wind to shake the trees no more?
How many leaves must a silkworm eat to make a dress of colours from the past?
How much rain must fall from the sky before the ocean overflows with tears?
How many years must the moon age before it is old?
In the middle of the night, the moon comes and waits nearby
He who can steal my heart
I will forever sing joyful songs"

These words can be appreciated so much more if you actually watch the movie, which I saw on DVD with a friend when we had a 'girl's night in'. When I unexpectedly found it in a store some years later I grabbed it with glee. The soliloquies it featured had haunted me in the most beautiful way since I first saw this film, and once I could savour it for myself, I just had to write down the passages it contained.

R - Reason to smile: Special times spent with my Mum and friends, plus having something nice to look forward to.

S - Season: When I was younger, I would have said summer - it was the time for the long school holiday, and I loved the longer days, and times my Father took me to baseball matches in the couple of years before he died.

Nowadays I prefer the mild temperatures of autumn and love the changing colours of the leaves.

I do love the way the changing seasons bring different foods and flowers...gardenias and hydrangeas in Summer...Daphnes and violets in Winter...sweet peas and blossom trees in Spring...carnations and lilacs in Autumn...

T - Tattoos: None.

U - Unknown fact about me? I was fortunate to be selected (once I completed the application process) for an Earthwatch expedition when my then employer used to be a sponsor - that was many years ago. I was able to choose the expedition to Lamington National Park in Queensland and we studied the insect population of the forest canopy. I met people working in the same organisation from other parts of Australia and New Zealand, some other Aussies as well as a few Brits and Americans. I had an absolutely fabulous time!

V - Vegetable you love: Quite a few... Sweet potato, roasted parsnip and beetroot, and fresh green baby peas.

W - Worst habit:

It used to be eating something sweet after every lunch and dinner (this is what always happened when we grew up - it was seen as the way to 'finish' a meal and was just part of my family's culture). While I still have a weakness for a sweet treat, I am trying to reduce my sugar intake and keep such things to a 'snack/treat' rather than part of an everyday meal.

Nowadays it is getting distracted too easily with different things.

X - X-rays? The last one was for my abdominal area. I had a stomach virus and abdominal pain last year that lingered for months...there was nothing to be found and the virus eventually settled.

Y - Your favourite food: I can't limit that to just one. At the moment it is cherries (though the season is pretty much gone), and nectarines (I just adore their beautiful aroma). In winter it is rhubarb.

Z - Zodiac? Sagittarius.

If you made it through to this point...congratulations! I just couldn't keep all the answers short...

Hugs and blessings to all my dear Spark Friends!


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