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January 27, 2013 - HEART ISSUES SUCK & SCARY

Monday, January 28, 2013

I am unable to sleep so came to post a blog update. As some of you know, I haven't been feeling right, and having hard time getting on track. I have a on track day or two and back off. I sleep way way too much. I went to the store and used BP machine. I was SHOCKED my blood pressure was low 77/43. It was no wonder I be sleeping. Well Wednesday night of last week, I began to feel sick, hotflash, flush, dizzy, stomach pain, nausia, tightness in my neck. I took my was 13??/90. I could feel funky stuff going on through my chest, stomach and just wanted to ignore it. Thursday, when husband came home, he took me to hospital because I knew I needed to be evaluated. My labs came back good except for high cholesterol. Well, after being in observation room and there overnight and repeated labs and heart enzymes good, they felt confident and sent me home and want me to do tests as out patient since it could still be heart. I felt ok and felt a little better Saturday, I spent all day and night with my hubby. Well today, I developed severe breathing difficulty like when I had my massive heart attack. I was talked into the pneumonia shot too which i have sore arm too, sore throat started, and I am scared. I now have some left upper arm pain as of this evening. I had back pain too and it has come back... dang...tomorrow I go call and hope I get in right away as I don't want to be back into emergency room again. Scary stuff for me right now.

Part of my problem of healthy ...getting on track...I been so tired not wanting to cook. I get hungry and fix what is convenient... I try to make it healthy but been really hard. Well it don't matter anymore....I HAVE TOO do the Maximized Living Advanced Plan and I took the USANA Health Assessment (brand new) and was so wow'd at it and what it gave on tips and it matched what I do know and the Maximized Living Plan and just how right my daughter is and how important I need to follow it.
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