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Things to think about when you are just getting started

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I didn't nap today after not slee ping well last night so it will be short and sweet again.

Things to THINK about when starting a new program

1. Make a plan - take your time and think about what will work for YOU - NOT what you THINK you need to do when you DIE T.

2. Customize your plan for YOU. What do you LOVE to eat or do? What do you HATE to eat or do? What are some family considerations you cannot easily change? Who else do you have to live/eat/or accommodate in your daily life? When do you find yourself doing mind less
eatng? Pay attention to things like that. They are what will make or break your spirit and your success.

3. Choose ONE or TWO things to work on when you start. GRADUALLY add others as the first ones become easier and part of your routines.

4. KNOW THAT PERFECTION IS NOT POSSIBLE - and THAT IS OKAY Work to improve, to see progress, to feel better, and worry less about getting a good grade - the ones who get the A are those who stick to it and keep on going through ups and downs and all the challenges that keep coming up.

5. PLAN for ways to make this easier for yourself. It does NOT have to be HARD - DIE T is HARD - this is a series of small changes that make BIG differences OVER TIME - it doesn't have to be a miserable time. It can be fun, energizing, and uplifting.

6. Connect to SP in YOUR own ways - use what works for you, discard the things that don't or that you are not ready to try YET or ever. This is YOUR journey and YOU get to make ALL the choices for YOU. So, make sure you KNOW who, what, why, when, where, and which things YOU need to deal with. WORD OF WARNING though - THEY CHANGE CONSTANTLY so you will have to keep adjusting and changing things as you go along.

7. Be KIND TO YOURSELF - don't beat yourself up, don't lose heart the first time you see a gain or no loss, don't worry about numbers too much, make the best choices you can with who you are, where you are, what you know, what you are dealing with, who you are dealing with and at THIS time. You can always improve as you go along.


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