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Where has January gone?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This month has totally flown by! All my good ideas for the year went out the window when I got sick January 5th. My plans have taken a detour but they're still in place to follow. I re-evaluated things and discovered I've gained and lost the same 8 pounds since September 2012. Spinning my wheels here. Fitness minutes: I'm shocked I actually got in 1000 this month considering I have two weeks that were complete wash-outs due to being sick. The thing that really hurt was my streak on exercise. It stopped at 75 straight weeks, and now I'm starting all over again. I was really upset over that one but I just wasn't able to do much of anything much less exercise. My eating has been all over the charts but I have faithfully entered my food in everyday no matter how good or bad it was. It's been bad and that's the reason I haven't lost the weight. Oh well!
I know what I need to do. I have been adding some new things in the mix, like salmon. I had a bad experience with it in the '80s and refused to try it again. Well, this month my son decided he wanted to be healthier (yay!) and bought some frozen salmon. So we've had it twice since I've felt better. The first time was iffy because I wasn't feeling the best but yesterday we had it again and I loved it. So salmon is now on the shopping list permanently thanks to my son.
We were drinking organic milk, however, that'll be a treat because we have to drive 35 miles (one way) to buy it. I think it stays fresher than the regular milk. It also tastes a lot better than the milk we were buying. I had to get milk the other day and got a different brand to see if it tasted any different. So the jury's still out on that. It's like the kefir and the Naked Juice or Bolthouse Juices - they are a special trip too but I try to keep them in the house.
Yesterday was the first good walk my dog and I have taken since the first week of the month. I must say though that we are having to be extra careful when we're walking now. My neighbor recommended that I get some pepper spray and carry with me. You see we're seeing an abundance of wild animals lately. In the past few months I have personally seen a black panther, cougar, bobcat and many coyotes as well as nearly getting run over by a deer last month. I had never told anyone about the panther/cougar sightings because I didn't think anyone would believe me. There have been people saying they've seen them now too, so I don't feel so bad. Two of my neighbors have seen the black panther too. That's why my neighbor wants me to get the pepper spray because she's concerned about my dog being their target. As a result of all these sightings by myself and my neighbors I have changed up my walking times and areas some. My routes are the hardest thing to change because there's so many open fields around me. Plus I live about 1 mile from the start of the "bottoms". There also have been sightings in the past of wolves too - never seen one around here but my late uncle did. On my walks I discovered a couple streets over two different people have chickens so that could be the part of reason for all the wild animals coming up. With all the drought this past year and lousy corn and soybean crops as a result there's not much food to forage for alot of the animals so they're coming up here in town (I live on the edge of town, even though it's 1/4 mile from city hall) to see what they can find. I would love to get pictures of some of the animals but safety is my main concern for myself and my dog. Here I was worried about the wild animals on my hikes in the mountains and the Smokies especially the bears! Now I have to worry about them here (not the bears I hope).
So now that January is rapidly coming to an end I'm trying to get myself back on track and healthy again (bronchitis is a royal pain in my chest since I have asthma). I've danced around the house to my CDs today. My right heel is hurting really bad so I have to limit my activity somewhat.
Let's do this! We can succeed! We can do this! I've come to far to give up! Never say never! Be consistent. Change is good. Make small changes and they'll stick. Love what you do! If you don't love it you won't do it - at least I won't. Move. Walk. Dance. Jog. Run. Hula-hoop. Just get up and do it! You'll feel better. As my doctor tells me walking is the best thing you can do. I feel so much better when I get out with my dog and walk. I guess that's why I love to hike now - I'm outside and it's fun!
Until next time, I send you love, hugs and much encouragement!
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    Be careful with all that wild wildlife! I like seeing bunnies and deers--not the undomesticated cats!

    Hang in there. Lots of bugs going around, and I agree with you. I don't know where January went either. whew!
    1751 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/2/2013 1:12:43 AM
    emoticon Marching on to February! Chris
    1753 days ago
    Hey, Ramona, glad to hear you're getting better....that's a bit scary, I think I would be taking something like pepper spray with me too....it's not only the walking that's good for you, spiritually speaking, just getting out into Nature is very good for us too. Especially when you give thanks for all the wonderful sights/smells etc. that Mother Nature has for us out there....
    One word of warning, though, those juices you mentioned are full of sugar, the Naked ones, don't even give you a full list of the ingredients. Get yourself a food processor & make your own smoothies. Add only one fruit per smoothie, not 10....it's not the sugar so much, it's the fructose half of the sugar that keeps you addicted to sugar. If you don't believe me, then be your own researcher....Google, Dr Robert Lustig, for one....
    Eat only whole fruit, not just the juice, you are allowed 2 pieces of fruit per day only....make them low fructose ones & you can have a little more, berries are good, but avoid banana, apples, mangoes & grapes...I do have half a small banana now & then wither ion a smoothie, or on the occasional bowl of fruit free muesli, (dried fruit is a big no-no, full of sugar) . I will even have half a one thinly sliced as dessert with some full fat cream on top. Yes, full fat dairy is not bad for you, but the low fat versions are...again, be your own researcher....
    I could go on, but don't want to hi-jack your blog!!
    Keep your spirits up, yes, salmon is very good for you, as is the organic milk, as long as it's full fat....I love any kinds of fish...yumm, but so expensive. My Kev has been fishing recently, so we have some in the freezer, just waiting for him to steam it for me....I love steamed fish, with a little grated ginger root, oh, heaven....you can add a little soy sauce, too, as long as it's the traditionally extracted type...How do you tell? Beats me, I just get a good quality Chinese one.......all those Chinese sauces are not so good either, full of sugar.....the list goes on....best to just eat basic veggies, lean meats & chicken & fish......and simple desserts & some nuts....forget sweet things....I can't even look at those sweet things, I just put back on the weight....I had a bad time over Xmas, putting on more weight, as I shopped for people that didn't turn up, the stress of it all & the thought of it going all to waste, well, I ate it all myself....boy, will I never do that again....lesson learned....
    Stay positive, Ramona, we all know it's not your fault you got sick (?), so don't put yourself dow, please, dear, forgive yourself, let it go & move on.......watch that self talk....
    Love & Light
    Sylvia xoxoxo
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    1756 days ago
    now that is a lot of critters .... good idea to get some spray .... chickens are a true scent that they can get far off .... think you might be right on that one .... stay safe and glad you are on the wellness track ! Roc
    1757 days ago
    I'm glad that you're feeling better. Stay safe on your walks!
    1757 days ago
    Goodness Ramona! So many things to reply to you've been on quite the journey! To lose and gain the same 8lbs is frustrating.. being sick is awful especially when you have asthma (I too was sick this year with pneumonia and am an asthmatic also crud) I'm so sorry!

    But But But... YOU CAN DO THIS .. for all the reasons you mentioned in your wonderful, positive self-talk YOU CAN. But a black panther, cougar, bobcat and many coyotes and the possibility of perhaps even some wolves? Where do you live I wonder? I imagine it to be beautiful where every you are.

    Something for YOU..

    “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” Dr. Seuss

    emoticon Jane
    1757 days ago
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    1757 days ago
  • AJB121299
    Is really over this week
    1757 days ago
    I spent 3 weeks of it ill! :(
    1757 days ago
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