The Battle vs. Obesity just got a lot bigger!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good Sunday Morning All --
And what a cheery headline I found in my paper today but the following: "Global Obesity Rates Rising" by Jim Landers of the Dallas Morning News. Here is the link to the article - I urge you to read it, it will take you only a few minutes and shows some terrible, although not altogether surprising, trends at a global level: thedailyworld.com/sectio

Much "food for thought" so to speak.

No immediate big-scale answers on my end other than to influence what I can, which is myself, my family, some friends, and educate myself more on this. At some point larger-scale activism is probably in order.

What do you think and how do you respond to this?

Now off on a long restorative run ("running away from the problem" in a good sense!).
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    I just finished an article about the cost to hospitals (which are passed unto us) as they are having to change out the chairs, toilets (wall mounts are breaking off, need floor based because of weight) widen doors, heavier duty beds because of the increasing size of people. I resent paying for this - when people make choices, they should pay the consequences not me. I don't feel I should pay the price if someone chooses to smoke, I also don't feel I should pay the price if people are not responsible about their eating.
    1820 days ago
  • KANOE10
    That was a great article..and a depressing one. It is becoming a global epidemic. I had no idea China dealt with this. I know Mexico does.

    The fast food culture spreading is not helping.
    1821 days ago
    How disheartening to see that the same old fallacies are still being promoted: calories in / calories out, exercise, the "killer fat" myth... Most of that old research has been extensively scrutinized and found to have significant bias, or else did not support the hypotheses put forth to begin with.

    How interesting that the nutritional advice we've been given (and have been following) based upon that flawed research is what's driving the climb in obesity and modern diseases. Cultures which adopt our nutritional guidelines invariably fall right into the same path we've been on. hmmm Coincidence?

    Some few medical specialists and courageous individuals in dietary circles are now coming out to say that it's been incorrect all along... but we have a long way to go to get that information into mainstream health awareness.

    I wonder how much more damage we will endure and induce before that happens?
    1821 days ago
    Overeating to try to fill the void in your soul, overeating has become a habit, lack of motivation to get up and move, food is so easily accessible....so many reasons that obesity has become such an issue. I don't think that education is the cure all to this problem.
    I think most of the time, the problem lies within and change has to start there.
    1821 days ago
    There are lots of reason why we should all care about this and not just about our own weight. The main reason is that many innocent people without access to education suffer most, in particular children and people who live in countries where reading and writing and internet access are not a given. We have a responsibility to help and educate.
    1821 days ago
    It is funny that they introduce GMO'S and more and more people are getting fat and morbidly obese
    1821 days ago
    I only worry about my own weight, not anyone else's.
    1821 days ago
    I just watched an interesting Youtube video with Loren Cordain, the dean of the Paleo movement, and he discusses at one point how we are just on the leading edge of a paradigm shift in the nutritional "sciences". Meaning, right now there's not much science in nutrition, though there's plenty in biochemistry. He points out that all science has a paradigm at its heart, and nutrition is just now starting to adapt human evolution as that paradigm. Cross your fingers and hope for wisdom to prevail.

    1821 days ago
    Oh no! Where will it all end? The 2/3 overweight or obese was bad enough and those were figures from 2008? I did not know that.

    In the 1950s Americans were the tallest people in the world.
    Now that honor belongs to the Dutch.
    Now we're the fattest in the world, but it looks like the world is catching up as they follow our lead.

    I'm aware of the changes in China as fast food was become popular. My grandson is studying there for a year - no problem getting good old
    American food if he wants it.
    1821 days ago
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