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Sunday, January 27, 2013

For those of you who read my last two blogs know that I've had a rather bad week. I lost my car of almost 9 years for good as I had to sell her for parts, I lost the one and only key I had to the car I was test driving, I emotionally ate my little heart out almost constantly, I sat on my behind all week, and I felt sorry for myself. But, there were some silver lining moments to just about all of those things that I just listed.

First off, I lost my car. But she gave me several great years and a lot of good memories that I'll always have. And losing her may be a good thing for me. I think one of my problems, possibly PTSD related, is that I hang on to the past WAY too much. So by being forced to let go of something from my past may help me let go of the rest that I don't need to hold on to. The only things I need to hold on to are the lessons learned. We'll find out on that one.

The key was lost, but it was found. 30 miles away from home. It fell out of my purse when I pulled my other keys out. Don't ask me why I didn't hook it up to my other keys like a normal person because I really do not know why I didn't. But my future mother in law found it. She is the finder of things, let me tell ya. And we decided we wanted the car and got it. It's a beaut. And I think it will serve me well in the years to come, it's in such great shape. Seats 6 people, the trunk is ENORMOUS, and surprisingly good on gas for a V8 engine. In case you were wondering, it's a Mercury Grand Marquis. Very nice car, I do like it a lot. I'm not ready to love it yet, but I think in time I will.

Not much silver lining in me eating anything and everything all week while sitting on my behind and feeling sorry for myself for having such a difficult week. I say that because I know that food solves nothing, it just makes you sick when you eat that much and when you eat something you're intolerant to. It just makes matters worse that way. Proper nutrition and good exercise are the way to go when you feel that way, even when you don't want to. It's the better choice. And something that I am working on. Rome wasn't built in a day, let me tell you. I've been fighting this battle a while now and I am determined to win it at some point. As for what the scale said to me this week, it's not as bad as one would expect. I'm up 0.6 for the week, but I'm down a pound from yesterday because even though I over ate again, I didn't eat any gluten, so some of the stuff that gluten does to me passed. It'll take a few days for all of it to be processed and leave my body completely, but I'm glad to see what one day can do. I just gotta stay away from that darn gluten, stay in my calorie ranges, and get back to exercising. My body will thank me for it. Well, that's all for this blog. I hope life is treating everyone well. Until next time.
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    1878 days ago
    What?! That's 3 awesome stories in one little blog post. 1. way to be so mature about losing your car baby. I totally get it- and the grief related too. When I was 16 I moved across the world with all my stuff in 1 suitcase. It's made me a bit of a hoarder- because now I LOVE EVERYTHING SO MUCH! But it's not healthy behaviour. And the truth is you and I are in charge of our behaviour and can change it. Yay for change!!

    2. Hooray for finding the keys! Thank you Jesus for keeping it safe and sound! And YAY for MIL finding it! You should nickname her the bloodhound for realz.

    3. Congrats on the new car! Make a few memories in it and you'll be well on your way to loving her.

    4. And RE Gluten- you need to do a house purge! It always helps me after I have a bad eating week to go through my stashes and get rid of all the junk. Maybe it will help you too? I usually have my siblings over for an Xbox fest and I pull out all the bad food and let them go to town. It's like a party but for my health ;)

    Have a happy week!
    1878 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Im happy that things are turning around for you. God Blessings to Everyone on This Lord's Day. Enjoy It. Take Care. Keep Going Forward. You Can Do It.
    1878 days ago
  • BLITZ0825
    I believe in you. Keep on going!

    1878 days ago
  • *MAMA*2*BOYS*
    I'm very impressed by your attitude! It is so easy to mess up and just decide to throw in the towel, but picking yourself back up and getting back on track is very admirable! Here's to a better week this week and a lesson learned for the future! emoticon
    1878 days ago
  • ASTRA58
    I'm happy that things are turning around for you and you have a great attitude about going forward. Keep pushing, we are all here for you!

    1878 days ago
    Yea! Good attitude and turn around! I over ate twice this week and had wine which I was supposed to give up. None of us are perfect but each day is new emoticon
    1878 days ago
    Glad you are seeing ahead to turning the corner! Keep going. You so deserve it!
    1878 days ago
  • -VIXEN-
    It's not how many times you fall, it's how many times you get up again. emoticon
    1878 days ago
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