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Sunday, January 27, 2013

See my hand up there? emoticon Yep that is me waving my hand like a Freak Flag emoticon

What you are about to read is a Public Service Announcement. Brought to you by me, the creator of the new corporation PWHSPBASS or People Who Hate Stupid People But Are Sometimes Stupid. lol

PSA~ Do NOT under any circumstances allow yourself to do anything that requires the thought process while you are ill-no matter how simple the task may seem, simply refrain and ask for help. If you do not heed this warning you will be sorry. I know I was.

I have been ill since Tuesday-very ill. I am finally feeling better thank you and I will spare you the details but I assure you there were points where I swear I saw the swish of the Grim Reapers cloak. emoticon (yeah yeah that is a was as close as I could get..sue me lol) Anyway I obviously wasn't cooking during my time with The Plague so I resorted to ordering out in order to feed my family. emoticon Anyway my first attempt at getting food to the house was a success. I grew cocky. Emboldened by my victory emoticon I tried it again the next night.

emoticon Bad move. This time it required me to count money (insert sound bite- Wah Wah Wahhhhh...)

The order came to 18.95. I had a 20, no singles. I had 2 fifties too but that wasn't going to do me any good. So I tell my son I need tip money for the delivery guy. He fishes out a dollar bill and 4 quarters. (hey it is better than nothing!) I hand the guy his money, eat my portion of the steak and cheese calzone (don't judge me! lol) and head back to the couch to continue my slow walk with Death.

Next day (yesterday) I was feeling quite a bit better, not great mind you I wouldn't be running any marathons emoticon but there was definite improvement. I needed more juice and some other things so I headed off to the store. My bill was 20 some bucks. I went to pull out one of my 2 remaining fifty dollar bills....and GASP..Whaaaa???? Behold there was ONE 50 and one 20!! I had given the pizza guy a fifty instead of a 20. How emoticon is that? Well for him it was...

So I repeat-Do not do anything that requires thought when you are ill. Just say no.

The End

I did go to the pizza place to explain what happened. Not that I thought anything could be done for me but I wanted management to be aware. I wanted him to know what sort of drivers he had. It was a very pleasant conversation, he was very "understanding" while I was standing there anyway. We figured out what driver it was and he said he would talk to him. Sure he did. (rolling eyes..ouch that hurts...still sick lol)

Anyway NO ONE leaves a 32 dollar tip. NO ONE. It upsets me a little because I would have asked the person if they meant to leave me 30 dollars. I really would have. But human decency is apparently rare these days. Sucks too. I don't have that kind of money to toss away. Especially after I had not worked all week due to illness. Oh well. When you boil it down, it was MY own fault. No more counting for me when I am sick. Math and I have always been mortal enemies. Nice move Arithmetic, you dirty bastard. That was a solid win for you but I refuse to accept defeat. I live to fight another day! Victory over numbers shall one day be MINE!!! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh man. And I thought I was in bad shape for putting the frozen green beans in the fridge, and hopping to try and reach my sock (don't ask)

    In other words, your warning came too late for me, but I do hope it saves another!
    oh, wait. I forgot one thing
    1869 days ago
    Yes, you did do a big one.
    Now it's done.
    At least he didn't send any friends over to sell you cookies! emoticon
    1875 days ago
    emoticon Hand up because I have been there and done that, ok not $32 worth but still.

    It would be great if your order from them again to ask for said driver and confront him. If he plays dumb then switch to a new place. He had to know!

    So sorry, an expensive lesson learned. Thanks for the reminder for us too, I am always capable of doing something a little dopey, definately if I am not well.

    1876 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    For what it's worth, maybe he didn't even notice. I know I wouldn't have, in his shoes - just give the sick lady her food and get the heck away from her. Later, I would have found the fifty in my pants pocket or wallet and thought, "Hey! Cool! I didn't know I had this! Let's go shopping" :) :) :)

    (Like they say on Mythbusters: I reject your reality and substitute my own!)
    1876 days ago
    I'm glad you are feeling better, I've been I'll since about Sun/Mon, too! No fun! That guy definitely didn't have decent manners! So sorry!
    1876 days ago
  • _JODI404
    That really sucks. emoticon I hope he does the right thing after his manager talks with him.

    emoticon emoticon
    1876 days ago
  • FROSTYJO1957
    Glad you are feeling better. That guy was not very honest, it seems he would have asked about the HUGE tip.

    1876 days ago
  • FARRAH511
    I'm glad to hear from you, sorry to hear you're been sick, the good thing is that you're getting better.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1876 days ago
  • LYNNA1968
    You may have been the icy cold hand of death but that doesn't excuse this actions. LOL he will have to answer to someone or Karma will rear its head, but you would be surprised they may talk to him. Remember that business relies on you calling and needed them if you start getting your food elsewhere they lose your business for good all b/c of one bad experience. I work in retail and they take that every seriously . Hope you feel 100% soon and I am a member of that club, let me know when the meetings are LOL
    1876 days ago
    That sucks so bad. I'm sorry that happened. I'm like you, I would have asked if someone meant to give me that much too.
    1876 days ago
    blame it on your befuddled brain..... and he's probably a young kid that just thought he won the lottery, and who knows maybe it was fate.... he might have needed that more than you think!
    1876 days ago
    Oh my. We've all done stupid things like that. Chalk it up to karma and hope it leads to a series of O Henry type outcomes. (Like that extra $30 allowed him to buy life-saving medicine for his ailing auntie.) (Even I can't believe that one, but I tried.)

    Feel better. This is a tough winter for illnesses. Epidemics all over the US.

    1876 days ago
    Ahh...the flu this year is killer. I also had it. While I am sorry for your mistake because that hurts big time in the wallet, your recanting of the story and the way in which you did it - made me laugh. take care!
    1876 days ago
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