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Life Changing Weight Loss?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

So, as one of my challenges I was asked to blog about how my life will change as a result of meeting my weight loss and fitness goals? Well, I don't think weight loss alone is going to change my life. All my "issues" will follow me to the thinner me. However, some things will be easier I suppose.

I will be able to do more and for longer periods without getting winded. I've seen that happening as I've gone along this journey. Before breaking my leg, I used to get so winded just walking from my classroom to the parking lot. I joined SP during my broken leg period (quite extended BTW) and with alot of work I am practically able to jog from one place to the other.

I am on the road to making healthier choices for each meal. I'm still not to the point of doing it all the time or even 80% of the time, but I'm alot better than I once was. I have an awareness of portion sizes and eat more freggies than I used to! I take opportunities to move instad of just sitting. I don't drink all water, but I do get my 8 cups in a day! So, as I travel toward my goals and goal weight I am making healthier choices and I see this being more habit than chore in my future!

Of course, I'm going to look better. I imagine myself on the ship for my cruise in March quite a few pounds lighter and walking by the sea or the pool without worrying about how I look in my swimsuit! I see me walking all over the islands we will visit without getting completely worn out, but only pleasantly sleepy. I see me in a hot sexy evening dress for the Captain's dinner.... I see a future of smaller clothes and looking not only thin, but fit and healthy!

I don't see my problems going away, but I see more stamina and better stress management as I work thru goals and get support from my teammates (friends)! I do see a better life, but I am not delusional. I know weight loss does not mean instant self-esteem, a total erase of all my problems or that it will restore any of what I have lost. However, I know I will still be here in the future to tackle my issues and live a healthier life and enjoy everything much more!
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