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Lots to say today- review of the week and more!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

First things first:
-89,086 steps taken over the course of the week
-Minimum of 8 glasses a day, some days got as much as 12 :)

Next...I started school on Monday. It felt very strange and empty without all my friends who are on their internships (stage) from Monday to Wednesday. I was lonely. I can already see I'm not gonna enjoy that part of the week. Thank God, I have Tuesdays off (which feels awkward stuck right at the beginning of the week). Monday and Wednesday I was in class with a bunch of first years- they are a LOUD but enjoyable bunch.

Thursday rolled around...with the rest of the third years back, it was very boisterous, but I survived. Friday was- Friday. TGIF LOL.

So that was school. Homework consisted only of readings that took me less than 1/2 hour. Next up: Can be considered a Part 2 of my previous blog "Conversations.

Yesterday, my friend texted me again:

Friend: Need my head examined I think. I'm running again haha. But proud of myself cuz I did 5 more mins than I did last time.

Me: WooHoo!

Friend: I needed to do something physical after 2 hours sitting doing notes lol

Me: And this from the person who said she hates running :)

Friend:I know. I'm a closet runner though. You're the only one who knows shhh. My family doesn't even know

Me: I'll turn you into a runner yet!

Friend: don't bank on it

Me; Then why you running now?

Friend: Umm... because....ummm...

Me: Exactly my point

That was part of it anyways. So maybe she's starting to see my point I dunno. We'll see how things turn out.

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