Day 398 - M

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just a quick note to check in tonight. Have to help with the boys' baths & night-night.

Unbelievably Jetta & I got in 70 min. of cardio hiking. Took the boys to the Park playground. DH kept them busy on the swings & stuff so Jetta & I could take off on a trail for a bit. The cardio was broken up into about 3 different segments b/c we couldn't be gone very long all at one time - but we did it! And wow....does Jetta ever love those boys!!! She's SO good with them. She has outstanding temperament. Many a dog would not be happy tolerating a 4 y/o and a little one 18 mos. old. It's the 1st time the boys have stayed with us since we adopted Jetta. She passed with flying colors. Woo-hoo!!

Dished up spaghetti with meatless homemade marinara & french bread for dinner. It went over real well - yea!!

Thanks for stopping by tonight if you had time. Hope your Saturday was wonderful!! emoticon
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