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Saturday Report (Long)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh lordy, it's been a long day. I did work out this morning - tired, but after two days off I was really stiff and sore (arthritis likes exercise!) so I walked around the park, about 40 min. total. I managed two runs - one 4-min, one 2-min. Barely. But 6 min of running is better than nothing.

Then we tried the post office again to get Kate's passport renewed. Last Sat afternoon we went and were told it would be a 3-hr wait. So we got there right when they opened today and pulled #16, ugh. We waited for 20 min and they were still on #1, so we said screw it. There is apparently one other post office where you can do this, so we drove all the way over there, but that was going to be at least an hour wait too. AAAAARGH. It should not be this hard to renew a kid's passport!!!! (With adults you can mail it in, but with minors you have to take her in and both parents have to be there).

Paul is furious, he's going to complain to our Congresswoman's office on Monday. It really is just asinine that they have only two post offices in the county, each with only one staffer who does this, to deal with all the people who need passports. Come on! So I guess we're going to have to try it during the week at some point, Saturdays clearly don't work.

Anyhow, then we hit Costco. Then we came home and met up with my dad and went to lunch, then we took him to an assisted living facility we toured a while back that we had really liked. He liked it too, though he cringed a bit at how small the units were - 500-700 sq ft, as opposed to the 3000 sq ft house they're in now. But of course, that's the point, they need smaller space and NO STAIRS. So he seems committed to doing a respite stay (2 weeks) there once my mom gets out of the hospital, to check it out, and he seems somewhat resigned to it as a long-term thing.

It's a weird mixed-emotions thing for me - I've been trying for so long to get them into a place like this, but it's also so sad that they are at this point. But it would be wonderful to have them 20 min away instead of a couple hours, and I know Kate would like to see them more.

Anyhow, we all came back here for a while after and then he hit the road, and then I went and hit Safeway and picked up prescriptions and got home after 5pm. I am BEAT.

As for my mom, she got diagnosed yesterday with sepsis pneumonia, which is pretty damn scary if you look it up on web md...high fatality rate with seniors. Apparently it's kind of like the staph infection my dad had a couple years ago - they have to find the right combo of drugs to knock it down. But this morning when my dad stopped by, on his way up here, they told him they were going to move her out of ICU this afternoon, so that was certainly good to hear.

I weighed in this morning and somewhat to my surprise I was down a pound, despite having dinner at McDonald's the other night on my way to the hospital. Thank goodness for small favors.

Fit Bit report...not too impressive this week but here goes:

Sun: 4864 steps, 2.25 miles, 1947 cals burned
Mon: 8032 steps, 3.89 miles, 2199 cals
Tue: 6304 steps, 2.88 miles, 2024 cals
Wed: 9377 steps, 4.61 miles, 2235 cals
Thurs: 6534 steps, 2.98 miles, 2007 cals
Fri: 5994 steps, 2.74 miles, 2016 cals
Sat (6pm): 11,811 steps, 5.52 miles, 1978 cals

Holy cow, no wonder I'm so tired, nearly 12k steps today, LOL!

Sorry, this is way too long...I'm so tired I can hardly think straight. Looking forward to dinner and a quiet evening and then to bed early!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sending good thoughts. Thanks for the updates. And, I think the fitbit numbers are good given all you've got on your plate!
    1882 days ago
    I'm thinking of you and your parents!

    I need to renew mine, too. Apparently, snail mail is the cheaper way--still about $110 but you don't get the processing fee. I'll still need to update the photo at Walgreens or something. ::sigh:: The nearest place to me is the town I work in (Fenton, 30mi each way and the hours for passports start and end while I'm still at work).

    Looks like I'll be doing the snail mail version!
    1882 days ago
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