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We'll miss you, Sally-cat!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yesterday something really horrible happened. Very unexpected, traumatic and frightening. Our poor aged cat was attacked by two neighborhood dogs, and she had to be put down.

Sally was a character. Her cranky nature was attributed to being locked in a toy box as a kitten, but it was crankiness all-through. Inherent crankiness. My husband who loves ALL animals but who's mantra has always been "NO PETS" brought her home one day when his co-worker mentioned that Sally was the last of the litter and due to her unpleasant personality, she was going to the pound. Of course my husband brought her home.

His youngest daughter is on the autism scale, and Sally was mean to everyone but Kate. Kate could drag Sally around by one leg and she wouldn't complain.

Sally was an old girl. About 15, by our reckoning. She started to slow down in the last year, looked a little stiff and arthritic. She even mellowed into Occasional Lapcat. Her favorite activity was to climb in our laps and knead our bellies (claws out, of course), with her forehead tucked against us and an ashamed and blissful expression on her little grey face. Sally got treats of raw meat every day, and lots of scratches when she asked. She had a good life.

So I was not expecting her exit to be so violent. A young man down the street was putting his dogs in the backyard after a walk, and they took off. Sally must've been in her usual sunning spot in the front garden, and they got her pinned up against the wall on the front porch. She was too old to get away from the dogs. The young man was horrified, and once I'd gotten Sally away from the dogs, he ran and got his fiance who is a veterinary nurse. She did initial first aid on Sally, while Levi called around to find an open vet. (This is Australia Day weekend and lots of places were closed.) She drove me into the vet and was a great comfort when I was told Sally faced a long and complicated treatment....her jaw was broken or dislocated and that never heals properly. Anyway, they paid for the exam and euthenasia.

Poor old Sally. She was always my cranky pal. My husband buried her out under the rainforest tree where she used to love lying in the sun. It's going to take a bit of time to forget what I saw yesterday, that's for sure.
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