Saturday, January 26, 2013

How many times have we heard the words "I fell off the wagon"???? I know I've heard it (and said it!!) at least a bazillion times!

Sometimes I've actually fallen clear off and have almost enjoyed being off --- well, if you can call it "enjoying" when you're on a binge or leave of absense from your program --- it might be fun for a few minutes, but we all know that that kind of fun is sooooo temporary and sooooo destructive to our overall health! My problem has been more of a half on and half off kinda situation ---- I don't go way overboard - but I don't stay on a nice neat and tidy and accurate program either --- I'm somewhere in the middle ---- like I'm holding ONTO the wagon with my body dragging along SIDE the wagon, but my whole body and mind is not IN the wagon!!!!! and that is where I belong --- IN THE WAGON!

So - when the new year started, I made myself stop socializing here on spark people --- I signed up for the spark coach program and made myself do NO sparking for 2 weeks other than just the spark coach --- I needed to develop a habit of checking in to the serious program part of spark and not just the socializing part --- and it has helped me alot! I feel I have become a better overall sparker --- I've watched videos, heard words of wisdom, been reminded of what works, found new resources that I didn't realize were here, found some new recipes, started a journal of my thoughts, and the list goes on and on! I got a much needed program "rerun" of details -- and I do mean MUCH needed!

For me, being "on the wagon" means working on my daily goals FIRST and then sorta rewarding myself with some spark social time ---- I love chatting with my spark BFFs and favorite team members, etc. -- BUT that cannot be the only reason I'm here! Business before pleasure ---- hmmmmmm ---- I think maybe we've heard that one before too!

Cheers to being ON the wagon! It's a good place to be and I sure want to stay here!

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