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Dear 16 yr old me

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hey Jess, cheer up!
Take some time to enjoy your accomplishments and allow yourself to believe that you can do it! You are a starter on your softball team, you are first flutist, you are an A student, you have apart time job and you have some great friends. You are rockin' it! You are way better off than you think you are.

Forget all those fat names and other names that those mean girls are calling you. You are a beautiful girl, you are a strong girl and you have the determination to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Let those holding you back go, you will be in college in a year and a half where you will be able to be whom ever you want to be with out worry. Who do you want to be, who are you? You are a fantastic, loving person full of wisdom and great advice. You know this, your friends lean on you for support all the time.

You are so worried about your weight and how others perceive you that you have not noticed how great you really are. Sure, you should start cutting back on your portion sizes....you eat such great food, take time to appreciate it. You don't have to keep up with your brothers. Help yourself to start eating less by eating a good breakfast in the morning, your dad already prepares it...just eat it. It might make you sick, so you'll have to go slow, but breakfast will help you eat less through out the day. And DO NOT skip lunch. Going without breakfast and lunch, then having marching band during the day and softball after school for 3-6 hours leaves you starving so you are actually over eating when you actually do eat.

Starving yourself is not helping you lose weight, it's actually part of why you are holding onto your weight even though you are so active. YOU NEED ENERGY. Think of food as fuel. Just as a car needs fuel to run, your body needs food. It is okay to eat, those who judge you are trying to find an excuse for what they do. You would actually be better at your activities if you had food to support your body's energy expenditure. And, your grades would remain high all the way through high school. Having proper nutrition would give you more energy to put forth the effort in school and probably make you a lot less grumpy at home.

You have everything you need: a supportive family, fresh vegetables and fruits, lean and fresh meats, plus great friends who support you. Your family and friends will do anything for you, just ask them.

You will have a very happy life, full of love. You will also achieve more than you have ever dreamed, even though it may not actually seem that way at the time. You do have to make your own mistakes to grow, but you are strong and will get through it.

Remember to appreciate your accomplishments no matter how small they may seem to you.

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